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The Wheel of Time

Still one of my favourite series.

The Wheel of Time [wikipedia]

Written by Robert Jordan, it is an addictive fantasy story

I would want to give a summary, but I'm afraid to make it too long and to spoil it,

So just a quote from what's written on wikipedia
Wikipedia wrote:
In the beginning, the Creator made the Wheel of Time, which spins the Pattern of the Ages using the lives of men and women as its threads. The Wheel has seven spokes, each representing an age, and it is rotated by the True Source from which the One Power, a source of energy, is drawn. The One Power is divided into male and female halves, saidin and saidar, which work in opposition and in unison to drive the Wheel; those who can use this power are known as channelers. One organization of channelers is the Aes Sedai, a name meaning "Servants of All" in the Old Tongue.

The Creator imprisoned Shai'tan, known as the Dark One, a powerful, evil being, at the moment of creation, sealing him away from the Wheel. At some point, however, the Dark One was given purchase in the world through the machinations of people who opened his prison, and began his efforts to conquer the world, creation, and even the Wheel itself. In response to this, the Wheel spun out the Dragon, a channeler of immense power, to be a champion for the Light. Due to the cyclical nature of the Wheel, there has been no definitive victory for the forces of the Light; the war has been fought innumerable times since the dawn of Creation. The Dragon would defeat Shai'tan and seal him from the Wheel, only to have him break out (or be released) several millennia later, forcing the Dragon to be reborn and repeat the entire process.

Robert Jordan's novels concern themselves with one particular incarnation of the Dragon. About 3000 years have passed since the last war between Shadow and Light. This war ended when the Dragon, then born as Lews Therin Telamon, led a daring raid to Shayol Ghul and sealed the breach in the Dark One's prison with the help of a group of other male channelers known as the Hundred Companions (female channelers, due to recent gender politics and the extreme risk of the strike, refused to assist). Though Lews Therin succeeded, the Dark One managed to spread a taint on saidin itself, bringing madness and a wasting sickness to any who channeled it. The taint quickly overcame nearly every male channeler in the world, including Lews Therin and his companions, with catastrophic results that radically changed the face of the earth. From then onwards, Lews Therin was also called the "Kinslayer", as one of the last results of his madness was to destroy everyone who carried his blood as well as everyone he loved.

For these reasons, the return of the Dragon is a cause for both hope and fear amongst the populace. On the one hand, the Dragon Reborn is the only person capable of defeating Shai'tan, who will inevitably begin to escape his prison. On the other, the Dragon Reborn will still be prey to the madness caused by the taint of evil in saidin, and is a harbinger of the horrifying fact that Shai'tan is once more breaking free. The only man who can save the world is also the man most likely to destroy it.

Anyway, I certainly recommand it to anyone who's not afraid to read very big series of very big (and very good) books
thanx dude for the info, was very helpful, keep posting more of such information
Jakob [JaWGames]
I love those books..
But for just some days ago I found out that the author, Robert Jordan had died in sickness.
Not only that the world now will miss a great writer, he worked on the 12th and last book in the wheel of time serie.. He have left notes so other can complete his work but will it be the same?
I love big series of thick books. They just seem to go on forever...
I have read them over and over and over again!! LOL I read the series about 5 times now I think. Every time a new book comes out, I start the series over again. This series got me through two pregnancies when I was put on bed rest, and only allowed to get up to use the facilities....

Robert Jordan died.... Shocked Shocked I have to go look this up...I have to see it for myself...that is to horrible to contemplate.
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