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8 and 9 years old boys charged of Raping a Minor

Two - 9 year old boys and One 8 year old boy were charged with raping a 11 year old girl. The court ordered the boys to remain in custody until a further hearing.

The father of one of the boys told the press that no force was used against the girl, and said the allegations have been leveled because the accuser "didn't want to get in trouble with her parents."

Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head told reporters the current rape charges against the boys would be replaced with juvenile charges, since they are too young to be prosecuted on felony charges. Under Georgia law, juvenile defendants must be at least 13 before a case can be transferred to the adult system.

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In our country we give the figure as 18 for a girl to be major Rolling Eyes

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Let's face it, in the US as well as in India, girls are sexually active at the age of 13 or less. Having the age at 18 is unrealistic. And they're doing it cos they want to, not cos they don't know what they are doing. It's part of the evolution of the human psyche to the modern life.
This is so stupid, our country morals are slowly deteriorating before our eyes. So many people today are concerned with public image that NOT having a boyfriend or girlfriend by the age of like 11 or 12 is considered a taboo. Since when did relationships begin at such an early age? We're just encouraging kids to play around with as many people as they can before they eventually HAVE to get married and settle down. Even then, adultery and divorce are extremely common because of past experience. Sex has become a market value, it is no longer something that is to be enjoyed privately with somebody you love. By my predictions there will soon be mass orgies in the street everywhere. Ever wonder why all big empires fall? We are turning into the modern day Rome and look what happened to Rome.
First of all, blame the parents. They should tell the kids what is wrong and what is right. OK, perhaps you shouldn't tell them "don't rape girls", but "respect girls" or "boys must not fight with girls".

Then, you can blame the TV. Sex 24/7 on air, for all audience. But is up to the parents to let their children watch those shows.
Sounds a bit like a case of playing "doctors and nurses" although in this case it was "porno actors" as the story indicates the girl may have been willingly involved.

I don't really believe, at that age, any of them were fully aware of the seriousness of what they were doing.

I wonder if they have been influenced by watching porn.
It's so hard to tell in these types of situations what really happened. The reality of a 8-11 year old child is very different from ours, yet no less real. I think these things are a case-by-case situation, and what the case is here is hard to tell.

I'm interested to see how this one ends up being settled. It could have ramifications on future law.
Bru, stuffce
Too few facts here to tell if it was indeed 'consensual' (in quotes because the kids are all too young to legally consent), but still a sad indicator of the way life is changing.
Is it even physically possible for a 8 year old to rape someone ?
Indyan: Rape (in the case of a man with a woman) is defined as the act of placing a penis against vagina (or anus). Penetration is not needed. So yes, an 8 year old is perfectly capable of raping someone.

jipmerite: There are plenty of girls over the age of 18 in the US who are still virgins. And yes, by choice, not circumstances.
jipmerite wrote:
Let's face it, in the US as well as in India, girls are sexually active at the age of 13 or less. Having the age at 18 is unrealistic. And they're doing it cos they want to, not cos they don't know what they are doing. It's part of the evolution of the human psyche to the modern life.

How do you conclude this is evolution to modern life? My conclusion is the opposite. In modern life people have no need for early sexuality. Before modern times, girls had to become active as soon as physically possible so they could get out their 5 babies before they died at age 25, just to maintain their people's populations.

In modern times we live into our 70s and 80s. Woman can have children in their 50s! Becoming sexually active is counter productive to a girl. Optimally she should become educated first, meaning around 25 years of age.

Regardless, at this age, 8 and 9, kids don't understand their bodies enough to be sexual. It seems almost certain that is was some kind of experimentation.

I remember a girl telling be that her and her cousin "F-cked." This was when we were in first grade, so around 7 or 8 probably. She said it hurt.... One of those odd memories.
Whatever the evolution of modern human may be, children should not be exposed to sexual acts. It's just not right and it's a good example of moral degradation of the modern society to a stage where nothing actually matters. Upbringing issues .....
Even I was surprised at reading that news article.

In my opinion, the law must be different under different circumstances. I read an article about this somewhere but I dont remember the link exactly, but the gist was that, these kind of 'molestations' can be divided into various categories like below:

1. Between minors (like the case above, where both the guy and the girl are underage, and there seems to be 'consent'): In this case punishing either party is not really making sense.. Blame the family for the way the kids have been brought up!

2. Between minor and major (if there is consent, blame must be equally shared, if there is no consent, punish the offending party heavily)

3. Between majors (Punish if there is no consent)

Actually the law is a perfect ass because if the girl who has just 1 day to go for her 18th birthday is involved in a sexual encounter, it is a case of a minor being a victim, but just two days later, then it implies something else entirely.. That doesn't make sense to many people, I guess!
moral standards are declining all over the place
respect for each other is virtually non-existent
adulsts kill and maim adults
countries wipe out other ones
kids kill adulst
adults kill kids
everybody is being cruel to animals
and on and on
are we surprised that out kids have no moral standards????
lets look into ourselfes first
compassion, love, respect???
a bleak world

cheers???? Crying or Very sad
If a girl that is underage sleeps with someone older and regrets it later on she might think it was a rape because she didn’t enjoy it, just hated it. Most young kids don’t think about the consequences, only about what friends might be saying and making you do, that is a big problem. And many talks on chats and meets someone and then gets pushed into sexual act, they don’t think that they have been talking with them and provoking them to think like that.

But young kids should not be having sex, their body is not fully developed and sex might damage the process, I think it was that their body develops faster and that isn’t good.

Sorry if this didn’t make much sense.
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