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Birds Nest Fern - Is this fern edible?

I have a recent visit to Taiwan, and was informed by the tourist guide that the Birds Nest Fern is a delicacy in Taiwan. They cut the soft part of the fern leaf and cook it as vegetable.

I tried checking it on, Wikipedia, Google, and Dogpile - and is unable to find a recipe nor any advice on how to eat the Birds Nest Fern.

I am not on a dietary routine, but my wife's curosity is pushing me to find an answer to this amazing question - Is Birds Nest Fern edible and how to cook it?

Not to mention, if it is really a delicacy in Taiwan? I have not seen anyone eating it on my 8 days in Taiwan.

Help please to resolve this mystery. Thanks.
Sorry it took 10 yrs for you to get an answer to your question. I just could not resist replying to this question because my wife and I have indeed eaten it when we were in Taiwan in 2015. I found this thing at Silk Place Hotel restaurant in Taroko National Park (No, I don't remember the name of the hotel and the park without looking at old pictures when we were there). When having dinner, we ordered this fern dish as veggies in addition to other local dishes that we thought we ought to try.
We were so surprised at how delicate the texture was. It's something you never forget and always long for. When we returned back to Taipei, we tried to find it but unfortunately the only place we could find was in the supermarket (raw). Yes, I took a picture of it as a remembrance of how delicious a fern can taste. We would definitely order it again if we have a chance to visit. The price raw in the market was T$49 for 200 grams which translate to about US$ 4/ pound. Not cheap for veggies. I definitely don't remember how much we paid for it in restaurant.
BTW, the one that we tried was simply stir-fried with fresh garlic and lightly salted. I could still taste it in my mouth. We were told that it was very seasonal and difficult to find because they grow wild and naturally in the forest. I wish there is a place here to post the pictures. Must try when you are in Taiwan.
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