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What would you do in my current situation?

If I was you, I would stay friends and no more.
After casting you aside for another guy and "failing" , she will probably keep you untill she "succeeds" next time..... Twisted Evil
she obviously didn't appreciate you. You need to make her realize what she had done. I would reject her. If she really know the mistake she had done, she will try to win you back. If you take her back now, you are just spoiling her. and most likely she will do it again to you
I second what the others said.

Don't accept her back. Friends, hang out, keep her company occasionally, OK; but no more than that.

She decided you were not all that she wanted, otherwise she wouldn't have gone to try to win the other guy now would she? What would stop her from leaving again once she finds another guy =/. She has a history now, and history tend to repeat itself o.o;

Now that she comes back and tells you she loves you? Maybe she does (otherwise she wouldn't have spend 2 years with you I guess), but not enough to stop her from falling for another guy then ditching you for him.

If you take her back now, you'll just become her fall back cushion for when she fails to grab some other guy. Sorry to say but, I don't think that type of relationship can last or make you happy. Why let yourself be that when you can be fully appreciated and respected in a relationship?

She made a mistake, she needs to learn to live with it instead of just leaning on you to lick her wounds until she's well enough to leave again. That is not fair for you at all.
i agree what everyone has said. do not take her back! it's not getting revenge on her, she just has to learn to treasure love. love isn't something you toy with.
I agree with the above posts as well..How could you not always be wondering when the next guy will come along?
keep away from her and hunting another ... thats the right way
If I'm not mistaken, you are not quite sure about your feelings. If you still loved her, you would for sure have accepted that offer. I don't know how much you are succesful with someone else. If there is posibility, try to find love somewere else and then you could accept if you failed. But if it isn't i would wait until I was sure about my feelings.

If you thought of here every night you wouldn't probably ask for a advice. If you are not sure about your feelings, try to sort them out.
Hi clyde, as the others have said not to take her back, that also was my first thought.

Then I considered that you love this girl. Sometimes love makes us a fool and I cannot tell you not to try again. Cause is you don't try, years from now you'll be asking yourself why you didn't try. If you do try and it fails at least you'd have known it could not work.

Now I'm not saying to jump right back on the saddle.

Before you decide yes or no, my advice as xkobram's is to sort out your feelings. take a little time and ask yourself if you're willing to risk being hurt and possibly humiliated again?

I risked it after being hurt once and you know what? It never happened again. It's been four years since that time.

You decide sweety.
I do not know how old you are. But everyone can fail. If you love her, and she loves you, it's stupid to not be together because of one stupid thing she did.
But you know her better than we do. If she falls in love with other guys quite often, or you know she can't be trusted, you should stay just friends. You do not want to be a "back up plan".
You might want to see if she can stay in a friendly relationship for now, or whether she just wants you for physical purposes. You definitely don't want to be a rebound guy, and you want to make sure she's positive about her feelings. I'd stay aloof for a while and see how it goes.
if someone really loves you they don't leave you for 'the next best thing' that comes
along. So many people will do that, hook up with someone and then just keep 'upgrading'.
hold out for someone you want to stay with, who wants to stay with you too, and even though
the grass may seem greener on the other side, be content with your perfectly fine patch.
Billy Hill
I'd say "hit it" once more, then tell her "hit the ****ing road, bitch!" Wink

But that's just me.
I would most certainly just keep it at the friends stage.
It is quite obvious that there was something about you that she loved because she stuck around that long and she had the decency to break up with you before she did cheat on you that way she did not hurt you. I give her props for that BUT I wouldn't take her back. What are the chances that she will do it again? If you let her go easy the first time, she's going to think that she can do it anytime and you will take her back. (Note: That is if you take her back this time.)

So, my verdict: Stay friends.
I'm probably the worst person to advise here as I've been burned to many times, but having said that I would say stay clear. If you want to be friends, that's fine. But she broke your trust. Will things ever be the same between you if you connected again?

Take care of your heart and protect it. Only you can decide what the best choice to make is, but just be aware that what you feel doesn't mean she's on the level and equal with you in your sentiments.
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