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College Rules are stupid

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad I gotta say, i'm hating my college i just started in. My first semester in college is almost over and this stupid idiot in my housing of 7 other guys got into a fight with me. He started hitting me with a xbox controller over a map he deleted of mine. I went over to him and told him "what the heck" and he starts hitting me with an xbox controller. Given he might have just panicked and started hitting me thinking i was going to hit him, but he still started this stupid fight.

Basically we hit each other, I stopped, he bit me, we fought some more, then we stopped. All the while 2 roomates and a friend watched and this fight only lasted like 2 minutes so there wasn't a whole lot they could do.

Here's the screwed up part, b/c i didn't have as many marks as he got, the college is taking up his side of the story despite what 3 witnesses have said. So i'm either getting suspended or expelled over a small little fight about a video game. My friends who were there at the time are also getting in trouble but they don't know thier punishment yet, only why they're getting in trouble. They apparently are getting in trouble for not breaking up the fight sooner, becuase they did stop it, or at least tried to but i stopped by myself they just stopped the person fighting me.

so who thinks this whole this is crap? I mean getting suspended or expelled just for a 2 minute fight where no one got more then a bruise or 2. There was no blood, no broken bones, no anything other than bruises.
That sounds crazy! Why would the college believe the other dude rather than you?
Agent ME
You could've grabbed a hammer and hit yourself a few times before both of you were brought in, and then you'd have more marks.

It seems in so many schools, the administrators don't want to solve problems, but follow/enforce the rules (lawsuit avoidance mode) and forget about it all later. This isn't all administrators and schools, but often seems like many.
Yeah i had a similar incident not too long ago, perhaps you may have read it on the forums... maybe not , but i got into a fight and the guy lied about it and they took his side and we both got a 5 day suspension, Despite the fact he started it and i stood up in self defense.

The education system is just messed up like that these days i guess :/ Its really p.o'd me the past 3 years. TBH , i would like to quit school and just find a job with computers, but to do what i want i need a good education.. Anyways.
yeah this whole system makes me mad. If i get suspended for more then a couple of days or expelled i'll be pissed.

By the way, goku i'm assuming you were in college, did they make a big deal about your fight or did they just said at most it'd be a couple days suspension? or did they say it'd be a couple months suspension and it turned out you only got a couple days?

for me it'd be a semester suspension or expelled forever
I don't have any experience in these situations but I expect if they aren't believing you when you tell them what happened, what might help is writing it down. Get the police involved, I don't know. But get radical, don't let some twit ruin your life.
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You should be able to appeal any decision they make. When you say college, do you mean 18+? There should be some sort of university court - I known we have an appeal system here. Write your story down and get your witnesses to do the same.
1. Once more, this is not a blog.
2. How should one "contribute" to this topic? You're just mad at your school and you're giving your version of the story.

Next step would include getting mad at me for closing your topic.

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