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Problem with mail function

Hi everyone, help somebody can help.

I have a form on my website which when submitted, sends the details of the form to an e-mail address which I have hard coded into my PHP code. But the e-mail address in question is not receiving the e-mails. If I change the e-mail it sends to it works. But the e-mail address I am trying to send it to DOES exist and DOES work, as I use it all the time. The only issue might be to do with the way it is set up on Frihost.

The e-mails, when sent, appear to be from my default account for the website domain i.e. If I log into this through SquirrelMail I can see the undeliverables in the Inbox.

But I don't use Frihost for handling my e-mail for the domain, so I'm thinking Frihost thinks the e-mail is going to an account on it's own system, instead of simply forwarding the e-mail to the specified address, and ultimately failing to send it.

Animal - if you're reading this, you helped me set up my e-mail for this domain through GoogleApps, so perhaps you can help me resolve this?[/i][/b]
Actually, I've just looked in the "Commonly Asked Questions" thread and it says here that to keep e-mail handling off Frihost, you should change the A Record only in your domain management section of your registrar (I use 1and1 just like in the example). I changed the nameservers.

But I already have e-mail working away from Frihost for this domain because I have my MX record pointing to Google's servers, so would changing the A record to point to Frihost resolve this issue? I'm a bit worried it'll mess things up if I try it without knowing for sure.
frihost also got it's own dns server, that is why e-mail sent from within frihost will stuck in frihost because like any other computer, it will ask it's own dns server, and that dns server will then ask from other dns server. since you already set your domain in frihost, frihost will find your domain information (your MX record) and just use it.


maybe u can just create that e-mail in your frihost account and have google fetch it using pop3.
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