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Hair in my dinner

Hi there I would just like to get a few opinions about what you think about this reaction to discovering a hair in your food, I am not really put off by it but I do understand that some people are and besides being put off how are you meant to react tell me what you think of the folowing.

We where eight people i.e. four couples sitting around a dinner table at one of our freinds whom had prepared a fantastic dinner. conversation was great everybody was happy and everybody was already on their second helping when one of the girls notices a hair in her boyfreinds plate, she alarms him about it then removes it from his plate and announces to everybody, "I found a hair"

I felt bad on the hosts behalf as that could happen to anybody while preparing food, I have discovered hairs at social home events in the past but I just remove them silently and try not to alarm anybody as I realise it as just a small and easilly made unfortunate occurance, am i wrong to keep quiet about things like this.

The way that person handled it was quite rude.

It would be better to joke about it, or say something like, "oops! there's a hair here, dont worry" and just be polite, no matter how you feel. It really isn't a big thing....

Or just silently remove it.

The former would be better.

Just be polite is all I can say.. If you know them as a friend, and they can joke about it, do so....
Usually I can't keep eating if I find a hair in my food, it's really gross. I've been put in situations where I've been forced to eat people's food, which is layered in pet hair. I've never really had the nerve to tell them that there was hair in it then, so I can't believe the girl had to nerve to say it about a single hair, and at a table in front of all those people. Either she hates someone there, or she's just very brazen.
why is finding a hair in your food "really gross"? The hair is probably cleaner than the hands that prepared your food.
I understand that someone doesn't enjoy having hair in his meal, but that's not reason to let everyone around know - if the meal is prepared by some friend.

In restaurant you can make it more known but I don't think it's necessary.
I agree that was definitely a rude thing for the person to do. What i was taught to do is just silently remove the hair from the food without drawing any attention and if you feel it is necessary quietly telling the chef about it later when no one else is around.
Hi Buddy,

It really doesn't matter's if i find a hair in my food..... but according to place where im eating food.

1. If at home.....
I call who has cooked the food and tell them to take care of it, this is really necessary.

2. If at Restaurant
I call the owner, just to make him aware, how harsh it can be, if it was someone else.

3. If at party......
I would go directly to the caterers who cooked the food and tell me them this will never do.

4. If at friends home.
I just silently throw it aside and keep on eating.
Hi there all just thought I would thank you all for your replies realy appreciate the input as this issue had me baffled.

Glad to hear that all of you sort of concurr with my thoughts on this issue

If friend or family had made it, I would discretly take it away, not telling anybody. If professionals made it (catering/take-out/restaurant), I would get a refund or new food.

If I found lots of animal hair in my food, I would not eat the food. Either complain, or say that I was not hungry ("I havent felt so good today, think I'm getting sick or something")
damn that is nasty, hair in your dinner, you weren't wrong for what you did, dont feel bad
yewwww, that simply sucks... very unfortunate... one of my friends found a staple in his food, but then we were at the cafeteria...
Well, I think that it depends whether it's near the beginning or the end of the meal. If it's near the beginning, I try to eat around the hair, but if it's near the end, I suppose you could just decide that you've had enough.

On the other hand, my parents always said that all hair is is a little bit of extra fiber or whatever hair is composed of. Nevertheless, I'd suggest against eating the hair.

It's just one of those peculiarities of evolution that causes us to recoil when we find something unexpected in our food. I think that with hygiene at its current level though, it shouldn't be nearly as dangerous as it was back when this instinct was developed.
KronikSindrome's a hair...BFD.

You can't get any diseases from someone's hair....
if it's at a resturaunt it's kinda creepy....strangers n all
but at a 'freind's' place? big woopty....

so you had some hair in yer food...sure beats finding boogers

I'd just pull it out and keep on eatin'
What is it with this clean thing. I used to work w/pest control. You don't want to know about what goes on behind the doors of most food places. We Americans are too clean anyway. We are so clean that our immune systems are compromised.

I you want to know something gross I can tell you more than what you will ever want to know. Grow up & deal with it. The added roughage will reduce the caloric content of your meal and help you lose weight! You don't even have to pay extra for the reduced lower caloric intake. Like the diet soda or the low fat food.
There is a Special understanding about it in China, Discovering a hair in food indicates what you will have a good luck ,Perhaps you will get rich soon. Very Happy Wink Laughing
That girl who reacted was just being pretentious and petty.
And has probably never cooked a meal in her life...

Yes, it's putting off to find hair or any thing other than food in our plates, but to draw attention to it, react vocally, and make a scene is uncalled for, and frankly very immature...
I am glad to hear most of you view this in the same way I do, and with regard to the chinese believe I certainly will be hoping to find a hair in my dinner : )

Agian just wanted to thank yee all for your input on this ssue as i am a layed back guy and thought nothing of the hair but thought I might get some general feeling on this issue just to elimanate my generally layed back attitude, so it realy does make me glad to hear your views.

Oh, that is disgusting... Anyway, as you were in the house of one of your friends, I think her reacton was horrible. She should not do that. I would say, "I'm full. Thank you for such a nice meal".

On the other hand, if you were in a restaurant, I would support her to make it public to everybody present. Rolling Eyes

RubySlasher wrote:
I've been put in situations where I've been forced to eat people's food, which is layered in pet hair

Gosh. That is very sad. I would not eat ot and talk to the person privately and ask them to be more careful.
yeah...that girl had really no style handling the situation the way she did...:LD but I guess it depends on the sense of humor of the hosts and of the guests Very Happy If they really do not care and all of them know that it sometimes just happens that you get hair in food...And this is not only the case with women (although I have to say I really have noticed that it happens to them more often, but this might just be because they just cook way more often Very Happy)!!! never mind, it also happens to everybody no to handle situations in the most distinguished of ways Very Happy me too, oooh yeah!
escritor wrote:
RubySlasher wrote:
I've been put in situations where I've been forced to eat people's food, which is layered in pet hair

Gosh. That is very sad. I would not eat ot and talk to the person privately and ask them to be more careful.

Actually, discussing that with him was probably another (smaller) reason why we broke up. His family wasn't very clean when they prepared food.

And to those of you who think hair in food is perfectly fine, I pray upon my fortune that I never eat food prepared by your hands. Choking on and excreting hair is one of the most unpleasant things ever.
Hair wasn't made to be eaten. It doesn't dissolve in your mouth, or even in your stomach's digestive acids.
I couldn't agree more, chap. Maybe it's a cultural thing...
Hair in ur food.... Does it really matter? Its not really toxic u kno. I have seen people who hate that. But i dont encourage them!!! And ya... The girl did overreact.
Man it puts me off alot - it's just not nice to find the food your going to eat has a long hair curled up in it. eww
I would just remove it, and then make up my mind to stil eat the food or not, but I would never comment it to the whole room :s maybe I'd tell my gf but I would never shout it out.

That's just a lack of respect seeying it could happen to anybody, who knows maybe it was even her own hair, or of her boyfriend or ....
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