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love marriage v/s arranged marriage

arranged marriage v/s love marriage
arranged marriage
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love marriage
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hi to all of you here

all those in india or indians would be knowing the difference between an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

both of them have their pros and cons

so all ye people come forth with your views on this

lets see what u havta say
Well, if you ask me. I would most definitely prefer a love marriage over an arranged marriage.

**This is not to insult any culture who practices arranged marriages**
An arranged marriage guarantees that you won't live most of your life single and lonely. However, depending on the personalities of both parties, they could clash, not have any fun together, just not meet eye to eye... and so on and so on.

A love relationship, however, is the kind I and most other couples have. While you could possibly be searching for "the one" for most of your life, you should/would eventually find the person that's right for you, because the two connect soo well and have so much fun, with little or no arguments, agree on the more important things, and so on and so on.

My girlfriend and I, we connect soo well, we get along great. So, in conclusion, if you're asking for my preference, it's definately a love relationship.
Arranged marriages work out great if the children respect their parent's decisions, and if the parent actually knows their child. The parents of an arranged couple actually collaborate about the marriage, and usually know if their personalities would mix well. I think badly arranged pre-arranged marriages get the most attention though, because OH NO, forced love seems like a terrible terrible crime against the human will, and makes for great romantic story fodder.
But generally, put any two people together, and they can fall in love, as long as there's something attractive about the person to the other person. And as long as they both have strong, loyalty based moral upbringings. Love itself is only thinly defined, and in forced environments it finds a way.
i just want to ask, there are still arranged marriages in India ? do you mean those other than the big cities ?? i am from Hong Kong, a city of China. i know it's common in the rural area of mainland. But in Hong Kong, it's not common. If the parents arrange such thing, the children will think it's disgusting......
well it does still exist in india, i am from bombay - india, one of the busiest and most developed and advanced cities in india, but yeah it does exist.

me and god alone knows how much i had to fight against the wills of my families to get married to the love of my life
our parents always know what is best for us. Obey your parents
Some arranged marriages work out great for the couple. They fall in love after marriage and live very happy lives. But I guess that can happen if there was no initial repulsion to the union. This is not possible if they were forced into marriage.

Contrary to popular belief, arranged marriage does not always mean they were forced into it. Some people believe in that kind of marriage and go through it willingly. In that case there is no real reason why it should not be done just for the sake of it being arranged.

The problem comes when force or compulsion is used to marry the two. If the women feels that the guy reminds her of a baboons behind, then she should have the choice to reject the union.
I decided to rely on experts to settle the love marriage Vs arranged marriage debate. I compiled the findings in my blog post
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