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Hey, I have a Wireless USB router and it connects to my 2Wire 1700Hw modem to connect to the Internet. Well, Ive tried to search for specific things and all ive heard was ndiswrapper. I have no idea to install it, so i gave up on that.

Anyone know how to possibly get the my wireless usb router working on ubuntu? thx.

Wireless USB *Router*???

Which is it? Wireless or USB? Or do you mean you have a wireless router, which connects to your modem and on your Ubuntu PC you have a wireless USB dongle (that connects wirelessly to the network).
2-wire routers are USB and wireless ( i know this because that is what I have) they are extrememly nice modem/routers, however I know nothing about the operating system, If it is anyway like mine it also has 10/100 LAN connections, if this is the case have you tried to connect using them.

Also the USB support requires special software, so you may need to search the 2-wire website or contact them for drivers for your operating system. I don't know much about it but from what I googled I am under the assumption it uses the Linux Kernel so you may just need to search out Linux drivers.

I am not a linux man so the last comment may be off-base, I am simply throwing ideas at you.
Ubuntu actually comes with a lot of drivers. I have a few computers with all different hardware and all of them works on a clean install. Anyway what is the manufacturer of your wireless USB and modem?
I think actually, you didnt give us enough information about your modem to solve your problem.
You should be more clear in your description to make it possible for us to help you. I think some of the previous posters are right when they think you mean that you have a USB dongle connecting to a wireless router. Your best bet is to make sure that the USB dongle is attachted before booting the computer. Ubuntu will detect hardware on startup en probably load drivers for the dongle.
If it isnt automatically detected you might need to add the drivers for you dongle, in that case you should ask for help on a more ubuntu related forum, people there will know what to do
Which version of ubuntu are you using? Feisty, Edgy, Gusty?
Try searching for a Linux specific driver for your hardware. If you can't find it you may try installing the Windows drivers on Linux instead. This is where ndiswrapper comes in. Its a small piece of software that will install the Windows drivers for a specific device. If you could give the specific name of the device, then I'd be able to help you better!!!
also check out the madwifi project as it has helped me in the past.
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