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Need a recommendation!

I've been reading a lot of comics lately..and I'd like some recommendations on where to go next Smile.

Here's what I've read so far:
- The first couple dozen Uncannys
- Civil War: Wolverine
- Decimation: Generation M
- Decimation: The 198
- House of M
- Wolverine: Origins

- Hush
- A Death In The Family
- Dark Knight Returns
- Long Halloween
- Dark Victory

I've got a penchant for good storytelling and deep character development (which is why I've turned more and more to Batman lately; all things Jeph Loeb). Art is important as well, though. I didn't like the semi-abstract style of DKR.

Feel free to break me into other superheroes as well, or recommend indies. Thanks!
I mainly read webcomics, however if you're up for giving one a go, why not try drMcNinja

Not the most beautiful or amazing comic I read, but it has some of the action that you'll know from your other comics AND loads of humor and actually very slick art in its own way.
If you haven't already, maybe you should pick up a collected edition Watchmen. That's pretty much a comic book classic, and can be found in most book stores. (It's also currently being made into a movie.)
If you read wolverine in civil war, I'd recommend you go for the whole story! it certainly is entertaining! you can find the official checklist in
You can also read the X-factor which also has to do with the 198 story.
Another interesting series is the "what if" stories (like "what if wolverine became the number one public enemy" or something like that).
ANyway, I'd reccommend you check out if you liked wolverine's stories, and search "wolverine" and look in his profile in "significant issues"...
Hope that helps, pm me if you want some more info... I personally prefer Marvel instead of DC and have read quite a lot of them... Especially the wolverine, x-men, spider-man and hulk related stories.
I reccommend V for Vendetta, Sin City, and Epileptic. These are all graphic novels.
Thanks all, for your suggestions. I'll definitely keep those in mind and will be on the lookout.

tekage: I'm not too big a fan of "what-if" style stories, given that it's hard enough to follow what is and isn't canon as is, lol. But I definitely have been drawn to Marvel more than DC in the last few months. Mainly I've been working on X-Men. Aside from affiliated mutant groups like Xcalibur or X-Factor, are there any additional heroes in the Marvel universe you'd recommend I branch out into?

Ruby: I ended up buying and finishing Watchmen this past Friday...truly amazing, and the best $20 I've spent on comics yet. Thanks for putting that out there.

jharsika: given how much I liked Watchmen as a classic story, I think the case for my checking out those 3 you recommended is pretty strong. Thanks Smile

Luke: I'll check it out!
You might want to also check out Sandman by Neil Gaiman as well. Solid story line and deals with various mythology and religions. Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman is pretty good as well.

Transmetropolitan is suppose to be very good and I'm hearing positive things about Y: The Last Man as well.
jharsika wrote:
PS. Recently found the comic book "the Walking Dead", it is also in graphic novel form, an excellent zombie, post-apocalyptic action comic.

I was just about to recommend this series. My friend, who is huge into comic books, recently brought me into this series. I think that it is a fantastic series and that anyone that reads it will dearly love it as well.

I was looking through your recently read comics and I would have to say that my friend has most likely read them as well. He is huge into DC and Marvel, but likes Marvel more because *most* of DC is too powerful (ie: Superman). However, Batman is his all-time fav hero because he doesn't have any superpowers.

Nonetheless, a fantastic read and I recommend to anyone that wants a good series.


PS: By far a great graphic novel, although not in a series, is "Road to Perdition". It takes place in the early 1930's (I believe) and is about a man getting his revenge while traveling with his son. Terrific read!
I've seen the movie with Tom Hanks! Damn, didn't know it started out as a graphic novel. The movie is great, I'll have to look into that.
Why not read some manga?
Hi there,

I have to recommend my 2 latest readings. I had already read them quite some time ago but duo to obvious reasons I ended up reading them again lately:

- Sin City
- 300

Both from Frank Miller of course Smile

Stay Cool !!
Regarding manga, I do follow one or two serials, but my interests just happen to lie with expanding my readership of American comics, simply because I missed out on so many of them as a child.

Frank Miller continues to be someone I'm following Smile. I'm looking into Batman: Year One right now.

I also had the opportunity to read The New Frontier by D.C., which sort of gives a backstory into the Golden Age (campy) era of superhero comics. It's really great and inspiring; I'd definitely recommend it to others.
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