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Install a Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

If you are a fan of SMF and are going to install it then this tutorial may helps you out (Note that this tutorial was completely written by me, if you found it on another forum then that poster is me Smile).

1.Download Simple Machines
You can get it at Simple Machines download page , click here to get the latest version 1.1.4 in ZIP format.

2.Upload SMF to the Server
This step is pretty long so be patient , log in to your cPanel . At your cPanel screen , click on MySQL Database , create a database and then create a username for that database (You should choose the database's password same as your cPanel log in's , if not you maybe unable to install the forum). Then grant that username all permissions (Simply check the ALL box).

After you have done , log out of your cPanel. Open File Zilla (What is File Zilla) or other FTP Client. Below is the instruction for File Zilla, if you are using other FTP Client, the setting is nearly the same. Click on Site Manager , click New Site. Choose a name , this is anything you like.

  • Host : Enter your Host IP
  • Server type : Choose FTP
  • Logon type : Normal
  • Enter your cPanel username and password to those two blank fields
  • Save and Exit

Click on Site manager again , then click on that site , choose connect.

After connected to the server , minimize the File Zilla window , unzip the zipped install file for Simple Machines to any of your folder and re-open File Zilla (It should be on the Taskbar). At Remote site create a new directory with anything you like (Example : forum) and at Local site choose the folder you unzip your install files to , then drag and drop all of the files there to the remote directory you just created and please wait , it will take some time depend on the server and your Internet connection speed.

3.Install Simple Machines forum
After done , browse to (forum is the name of the folder you chose earlier) , just enter everything required then click Install.

  1. You should log in to your file manager , then delete the file named install.php
  2. Open File Zilla , go to Site manager and delete your log in information there. If not , some one else may connect to the server and do bad thing.

There you go , you have got a Simple Machines forum now.

If there is anything wrong with this tutorial please let me know and I will fix it.Thank you Smile
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