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Do fish eat caterpillars?

I found some caterpillars on one of my rose plants. I also have some fish, guppies and one sucking cat fish, and I want to know if I can feed the caterpillars to these fish. I don't want to try feeding it since I've heard before that some caterpillars can be poisonous. They can sometimes cause itchiness to humans if they get into contact. Guppies eat live worms and these caterpillars are almost as small the worms I used to feed them. Please share your experience or knowledge on this.
Well, if the guppies are big enough, (and the caterpillar small enough) they should eat them.
I wouldn't expect the cat fish to touch it, though, unless it sank to the bottom.
Are caterpillars poisonous to fish, especially my guppies?
Yes, they eat.
You must see if it is poison, try to identificate wich kind of catterpillar is and is it isn't, it's ok.
Guppys eat every thing. Try to throw other kind of insect or small animal.
I use to throw some small snails that I crash with my fingers, into the aquarium. You must crash it because guppys are to small to eat it. All the fish loves it! It is fresh food and has calcium too.

If you some day get bored with the guppys, they are good fresh food for biggers fish. Twisted Evil
The caterpillars on the rose were from moths but I'm not sure of their specific type. They are about 2cm long and so not small enough for my guppies.

This morning I tried feeding them a dead mosquito. The bigger guppies try to eat it but they always spit it back out. Maybe if the mosquito was a bit smaller, they might be able to swallow it much more easily.

I've got so many snails in my tank but I have never thought about feeding them to my fish. Maybe I should try feeding them crushed snails like you do. It has never crossed my mind that guppies eat crushed snails. Razz

I don't think I can feed my guppies to any fish. I don't have any bigger fish that eats guppies anyway. I only have one sucking cat fish that only eats algae.
Generally, bigger fish eat live food much better than smaller fish. To me, it seems like the smaler fish can't get around the slime or exoskeleton of the prey, so they tend to vigorously try for a few minutes, then ignore them. And indeed, guppies are quite small. Regardless, though, a lot of times, brightly colored insects are poisonous, while dull colored ones aren't (they rely more so on evasion of predators).
The fish generally all eats the fish feed, the wool insect has virulently.
I dont know. IS possible that some kind of fish do, but I dont know.
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