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partition help...

i want a 5GB partition for xp...
i want the stupid 4gb partition to merge with vista.... then create about 20gb for os x.
but it can't get vista to format a partition without giving me this bull****

what could i do to make it do right?
i have rebooted... i have refreshed..
i have even tried using the command line...

pleeeeeeeeeease help me out.
Could you show me the screen behind that error looks like, where it lists all your current partitions. I might be of more assistance then. Or simply describe to me the layout of all current partitions
well, i kept screwing with it and somehow i got it...
NOW... i can't shrink the os volume.. i need to install xp on a 5gb partition but it wont let me do that...
or im just doing it wrong

thanks for the reply
You REALLY need to be careful there my man. When you attempt to change the size of a drive that contains the OS through the OS that is running off of it, you often end up corrupting the HDD. This is a bad thing. My best bet to you would be to get a linux live disk, or a partition magic live disk or something and use that to resize the partitions. Using linux its not very hard, knopix is very easy and includes qparted which has a GUI to it. Just google around for a knoppix live disk and use that. But if you attempt to use Vista to change the size of its own partition, it wont be able to dismount it first and there will be alot of errors.
thanks.. i do have a linux disk lying around here somewhere. I'm thinking about completely getting rid of vista and using os x as the main os... don't know yet.
thanks for the reply.
i'm downloading a linux partition thing right now hopefully i wont have to ask too many more questions i feel dumb lol... it should be simple to make a partition.
Not necessarily. I've fried 2 HDD's, one was only 80Gb the other was 800 Gb, both due to partitioning errors. Don't make hasty decisions, and if it doesn't feel right, then google it or ask here. It's very easy to just fry a drive partitioning it in my experience. But thankfully Linux often is capable of restoring the fried drive... Minus the data of course.
Try Gparted.
You could shrink it a little bit less though, to make sure that this isn't the one causeing the problems...

Get a nice partitioning tool that is bootable, boot with it, and do what you want to do without vista running.
well.. i have gpart on a disk and it wouldn't do it either Sad
then vista crashed.
reinstalled now it's saying some software counterfeiting...
i wish i could just wipe the entire HD ONE partition then make that 3 partition...
one about 30GB one about 7GB for xp... then the rest for vista

i have os x on a 5GB partition and xp on a 5G partition.
xp doesn't boot and os x boots and vista boots... but it says that software counterfeiting error.

am i going to have to buy another hard drive?
If you wanna wipe the hdd altogether, this is very easy. You will require a Linux Live disk.

Run the live disk, and open a terminal as root.

Depending primarily on what kind of HDD you have, and if its a desktop or laptop, your input will vary here. For a typical desktop configuration with a typical KDE/Gnome desktop configuration you will be browsing through /dev/hda

If it's a laptop with the same specifications, then its /dev/sda usually. These results vary. Also, if you have multiple disks, the a will change to a b for the second disk, or a c for the third. EG: /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc respectively. Though you may need to browse around through your mounted partitions and look at their location to get this path.

With terminal open, and your HDD's path determined, your ready to begin. For this example I'm using /dev/sda.


fdisk /dev/sda

At this point you can follow the onscreen instructions easily. You will have emptied the partition table completely. ERASING THE ENTIRE HDD.

now in the next screen hit "w" without quotes and then let it make the changes. After it comes out of there you can open fdisk /dev/sda again and use "n" without quotes to create new partitions. It is recommended that you create FAT32 partitions, then during the re-installation of Vista (This will be required) you can select the one you want to be for it and have vista re-format it under NTFS if you please.

Disclaimer: This will erase all data on the current hard drive, all partitions will be gone and all data unrecoverable by conventional means. If you are not ok with this, do not attempt. You will need to re-install vista, theres no way around that unless you want to re-install another OS. But installing an OS will be required using this method.
thanks... im doing that im not going to put vista back on it. Vista has been nothing but trouble. Right now supposedly the copy i have isn't genuine and it's the one that came with my computer.
a lot of people have had this problem... so im going to just a dual boot xp and os x.
get this i even validated vista... it said its valid and i can use the aero theme and other features... i still can't and i have even rebooted after validating.
that's M$ for ya
lol, sure is. I personally just made the switch from xp pro to open suse 10.3. It's a really easy transition and i haven't looked back since. I like it more even then my os x box. Might wanna give it a try.
Hello Srs2388

Now that you've formatted the disk, and are ready to create your new partitions, please bear in mind the following restrictions:

- Your active partition MUST be a primary partition starting within 8GB of the start of the disk. This is a BIOS restriction on all PC's (as far as I know). This perhaps explains why you were unable to boot XP at a certain point

- This doesn't mean that all your OS's must be in primary partitions starting within 8GB of the start of the disk, only one of them needs to, as long as it has the capability of booting other OS's (this is the case for Linux and Windows XP and later; I don't know about the Mac OS)

- For example, I have Linux and Windows XP on my portable, and each is configured to boot either OS

- If you plan to include Linux and (any) Windows OS on the same machine, then:
-- Make a small (100 MB) primary partition at the start of the disk, in which you will be able to install Linux /boot when the time comes, and guarantees that Linux will boot
-- Make a partition of any size for Windows straight after this one. As it starts near the start of the disk, it's also guaranteed to boot
-- Now you can make partitions (primary or logical) for any other Windows OS's wherever you like. The only restriction is that you will have to boot them via the first Windows partition mentioned in the previous step. to see how, just Google boot.ini
-- Sorry I can't help as far as Mac OS is concerned

Hope this is of help.
why not just using partition magic?

it very easy to used,all on wizard step...
Hello Srs2388 & Cikcat

I agree that Partition Magic (originally by PowerQuest, subsequently bought by Symantec of Norton fame) is an excellent tool for managing partitions.

Before you use Partition Magic (or any other partitioning tool), you MUST make sure you can boot from the CD and access your disks, just in case anything goes wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not a given - in the case of my new PC, it doesn't recognize the disks hosted by the chipset on my Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF (Chipset 965/ICH8R supporting Raid 0,1,5). I'm trying to get a fix for this via Symantec's online Tech chat support, but no luck so far!

This potential problem arises is because this great tool is a rather unloved child in its new home: Symantec haven't released any new versions since 8.0, so obviously it can be blind to new hardware.

The other thing to ensure before you use Partition Magic (or any other partitioning tool) is that you MUST know exactly what you're going to do. Hence the importance of following the tips I gave on my earlier post on this topic (30th November 2007). If you read these, you'll see that it's not a piece of cake!

Good luck!
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