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Local PHP Testing Server

I have heard that you can install a testing server for php locally so that you can simply preview in a browser and see the end result as opposed to uploading to your server and then loading the page. Is this something practical to do for a web site development and how hard is it?

Also, what do you need to do?
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That's a great tutorial, Manofgames, and for your other question, KHO, it is extremely practical. If you have a slow server, or you don't have access to it whenever you need it (no internet connection) you have a server right there to text things on.
You can also test things on two servers, allowing you to see if it is your code, or your server, that isn't set right.

I would highly recommend it getting a server installed on your computer.
Quite frankly, I enjoy Xampp better than Wamp. Mainly because I have my Xampp on a different computer and I have access to build my site on that computer without anybody knowing that I am building / editing. After all that is done, I can surprise my visitors with a new template or some updates.

One thing I wish I had working is the mail server, I can't get that to work. Sad
Hi buddy,

you can try Xamp or Wamp both are rocking im using Wamp, i have never used Xamp, but my frennzz say it rocked so may be yiu start with Xamp
Install xampp and that is all you need: apache, mysql, php and much much more... Simple and quick
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