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The best SLOGANS

So, let's hear best slogan suggestions.

Of course, you can suggest your own, and write some that you've heard, and find it pretty cool.

So, is it; Always Coca-Cola, Apple's Think different, Sony's Like no other, or something else...

btw... does anyone know, does Microsoft have a slogan?
VISA = "Smart Money"
AMUL = "The taste of India"
KERALA TOURISM = "God's own country"
dinael wrote:

btw... does anyone know, does Microsoft have a slogan?

Thew slogan of Microsoft windows Vista:
The WOW starts now!
I like mastercards as posted above

stonerocket fast as a rocket solid as a stone.

Folgers: The best part about waking up, is folgers in your cup.

Wawa: My choice. My Wawa
My site LTN's slogan, Where shit meets smarts.
AT&T: Raising the bar

You can also incorporate that slogan into personal goals and sports. I like it. Even if AT&T's customer service appalls me...
Hmm...what about that paris hilton cheeseburger slogan. how did it go again?
I also love the mastercard slogan! haha.
nike - do it
sprite - bujhaye pyaas, baaki all bakwaas
Am I imagining things, or is thread fast turning into free advertising for already well known companies?
please also add why you like the slogan, or what you like about it. If this is going to be a topic with only slogans in the posts it will be closed.
Nike - "Just do it." Reason: It has a lot of attitude.
Sprite - "Bujhaye pyaas, baai all bakwaas." Reason: Shut that crap come to basic's.
IBM ThinkPad - " I think, therefore IBM" Reason: Do i need to give a reason about this[/b]
Adidas - " Forever Sport" Reason: i jus love adidas and anything related to it... Sharapova
7-up - "The Uncola" Reason: its one of my favourite drinks... so loving.
American Express - "Don’t leave home without it" reason: Nice one to get a customer.
Philips - "Lets make things better" Reason I have grown up seeing this in home and TV, cant change for anything.
Polaroid ----- “We don’t have negatives" Reason: This rocks.
Pepsi - "Yeh dil maange more" Reason: i dont like the drink, jus the punch line.
Raymond -"The Complete man" Very Happy Reason: This makes a complete man.
Coca Cola -" Thanda Matlab Coca Cola" Reason: again one of my favourite drinks and the line is really a cool one... bcoz... thanks really means coca-cola.
Birla Mutual Fund - "The name inspires Trust" Reason the statement is worth it. I got a policy from them Razz .
Wills Navy Cut - " Made For Each Other" Reason: I like when my GF hits me for smoking, its ma brand.....
Geez, everyone missed the greatest one of all, from 7-Up: Make 7, Up Yours!

I found that to be a very clever slogan with it's double meaning depending on whether it was said with the comma between 7 and Up. Awesome!

The Sports radio station in Ottawa here has a cute slogan: Talk a good game.

Sega for their Genesis console in 1989/1990: Genesis does what Nintendon't

Pizza Hut from years ago: Pizza Hut and nothin' but.

Microsoft's current slogan is "Your potential. Our passion"
Washing machines last longer than calgon !!!
a slogan made by myself Smile ^_____________*

I'm not afraid for fishes.... I am the FISH! O.O
I like this slogan from a local lottery ; "It doesn't change the world but..."
I think its enough funny.

Also, the famous "If the life were like that, you wouldn't need a VISA card" (I think I don't need to explain why).
If I remember right, Ireland paid an ad agency $125K to have then design a new slogan greeting tourists, the end result was "Welcome to Ireland"

(I may have the details wrong, but I couldn't find the article in my favorites).
I like the McDonalds slogan I'm Lovin' It. Though I always thought that slogan should have been used on a Condom pack.

Other then that, I enjoy Nintendo's Touching is Good. Smile
sloganizer dot net gives me the only slogans i need!
A really good slogan is:

"Live in your world, play in ours."

Its for the Sony PS2, and this slogan, IMHO, has the potential to attract a lot of new customers because it is saying that the PS2 is an alternate reality from your everyday life.

There's slogan here in Australia against people who drive under the influence of alcohol:
"If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot." Cool

Gillette: The best a man can get. -so cheesy.
Guinness: Guinness is good for you. Very Happy
Hunterseaker wrote:
dinael wrote:

btw... does anyone know, does Microsoft have a slogan?

Thew slogan of Microsoft windows Vista:
The WOW starts now!

Shouldn't that read "the whoops starts now".

My product's slogan "Why wait? . . . Stand Ready!"
LostOverThere wrote:
I like the McDonalds slogan I'm Lovin' It. Though I always thought that slogan should have been used on a Condom pack.

I always enjoyed their old slogan better, We want to make you smile (which that too would work for condoms eh, or Ford's Like a rock.)
The master card one is my personal favorite
My favorite slogans are Nike's and Adidas's.

Nike - "Just do it"
It tells you to just go ahead and do it and not think about it. With attitude.

Adidas - "Impossible is nothing" (Slogan for the campaign where athletes told their stories)
Very motivating, IMO. It's similar to Adidas but at the same time has it's own meaning telling you to go ahead and do whatever you want. Nothing's impossible.
I also like the mastercard one. It's so cool "There are some things that money can't buy, for everthing else there's mastercard." Cool huh?

These are a few more which I personally like:
LG : Life's good (and I thought LG meant lucky group for years)
Thanda Matlab Coca Cola (this one is an indian slogan for coca cola. Converted to nepali it was : Chiso Bhaneykai Coca cola | English = Cold means coca cola)
When I play EA game I like to listen to "EA sports. It's in the Game"
It's dulux dulux dulux
and every day when I go to my college I see this big sign on the road which says " Rato Bhalay: Jati khaye pani Manai Nabharnay" An sign board for a chicken serving place.

There are more but I can't remember them when I need to remember them. :S
Billy Hill
Not really slogans, but

"Don't tazer me, bro"


"Leave OJ alone. He hasn't killed anyone in years!"
Make 7 ...

up yours
Falcons beer.
Philips - Lets make things better (Now sense and simplicity)

BPL - Believe in the best

Infosys Technologies - Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values

Accenture - High Performance Delivered

CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions) - Celebrating Work

Wipro - Applying Thought

Emirates Airlines - "When was the last time you did something for the first time..."

Reebok - I am what I am

CNN - Be the first to know...

Vodafone - How are you ?

::::: The BEST :::::

HUTCH, INDIA (NOW VODAFONE) "Wherever you go, our network follows" Razz


General Electric - Rolling Eyes Imagination at Work

Master Card - THere are things that money cant buy. For everything there Smile is Master card.

Indian Army - Do you have it in you ?

keep smiling Laughing
"don't taze me bro" is the best slogan ever
and i like sisi slogan ^^ "tak it easy, take it sisi ^^
Swebank (here in Sweden) - 'It's what you do that counts.'
I don't know if they still use it, but I find it quite good. Since we often say 'it's the thought that counts', and I
seldom want to account for all my thoughts, I find it calming.
Gellet - The Best a Man can get .. Arrow

Pizza Hut - I'm lovin it

KFC - Finger Lickin Good Arrow
theem wrote:
Gellet - The Best a Man can get .. Arrow

Pizza Hut - I'm lovin it

KFC - Finger Lickin Good Arrow

McDonalds uses I'm lovin it! But here in Bulgaria I like vivatel's slogan: Всички говорят (Everybody talk)
I would say "Just do it" from Nike or "Always coca-cola" from coca-cola. They are spread all over the world and everyone knows them.
"Finally, The Rock has come back to [Fill in the Blank]"

I don't know if you consider it to be a slogan, but I consider it to be The Rock's slogan.
Drink Pepsi Be Sexy
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