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Superbad :)

Anybody seen superbad?

What do u think about it?

I think they should change the name to at least good, instead of superbad. Wink
U get a bad impression just by hearing the name "Superbad". Smile
Well the movie is great, thats all that matters.
I havent seen it yet, but am planning to see it sometime soon.
I loved this movie. It is right up there with Knocked Up. I don't really have much to say because well, this movie is a perfect comedy. It speaks for itself. It blows the doors off of other high school comedies of the past few years. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote an awesome script and brought me back to my glory days of partying in high school and trying to get the girl, made me all warm and fuzzy and missing the old days inside.

Superbad stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, two guys that aren't really the dorks of high school, well they kinda are but they're the cool dorks that girls dig. High School is wrapping up and they get invited to their first, and last, big high school party. And are assigned with a task of, bringing the beer. Since Jonah Hill tells the girl that is hosting the party that he is getting a fake I.D. From there the movie takes off with one mishap after another of their problems getting the beer and making it to the party in time to impress the girls they like most. Both lead actors pull this off perfectly. Seth Rogen and Bill Hader play the cops that are pretty much still high school kids, instead of busting criminals and crime they just wanna get drunk and shoot shit with their guns which they call "their second cocks, if your ****** could kill someone that is".

If you dug Knocked Up, I can promise you that you will dig Superbad.
is it true that Tina Fey co-wrote this movie?
I was thinking about watching this, and even if it might come at the movies before I leave for my Christmas vacation I don't think that I will bother to watch it, not because it won't bee a great movie, but I'm not that interested in comedies right now, looking forward to see it, iff not at the movies than I will rent it.
This movie is fantastic, I love it so much. Everyone should see it.
i haven't watched the movie! that's just superbad of me:D
Seems like a good fun
SOmething to watch when u are high Very Happy
I did see this movie. I liked it. You just cant have really high expectations for it. It lives up to the films that came before it like 40 year old virgin. I think it would be a perfect movie to watch with some buddies while drunk. Definately not a movie to watch with you girl
Yeah, this is more of drunk-with-your-buddies type of movies. Not bad. Entertaining from beginning till end. This is American Pie the first movie. Watch it with your buddies...not with gurl.....
I just watched it... Wow what a piece of crap... but atleast a funny piece of crap ;] Some lines were actually funny, but like you've said, it's something to watch when you're drunk or high with yer buddies ;]



Did they turned gay in the end?? omg :o that's like the worst thing I would have seen in a movie, I hope it's not true... Up until the moment when they were lying in the bed, the movie was quite funny, after that it was just... gay...
you don't have to watch this movie while drunk or high, you just have to be in high school or have been there. Everything they do is stuff you do or did do and that makes it hilarious.
I think the movie was awesome. Best one i have seen in a long time.
brilliant movie - not quite anchorman but bloody funny!
I agree that its not anchorman funny or even the 40 year old virgin, but its definitely worth a watch especially if you enjoy phallic imagery ;P
Watch this movie if you were ever in high school. You'll relate. It's the only movie that captures the true awkwardness of teenage years.
a must see. it is really funny. i think if u liked Knocked up, or American Pie Beta Camp. then this movie will be a killer.
I liked the movie at lot. 85% of high school movies are the same sh*t with guys doing stupid things, each movie differing in the kind of stupidity or the extent to which they can take it. This movie has at the core, the same aims that high school movies have been having since .. uh American Graffiti - namely kid s buying liquor, looking cool to the girls.
But the situations and dialogs are a bit intelligent, and truly funny.
I've heard its an awesome movie. I really wanna watch it but it's out of cinema's now Sad
There are three things that set this movie apart from other teen comedies: The dialogue, which gives a glimpse of the teenage mind, the performances and the casting. The writers did a good job showing how kids deal with the anguish of childhood friendship and the separation of that beloved friendship. The friendship is perfectly captured in the movie and cumulated in a drunk inspired brokeback mountain moment. In the end you see that Seth and Evan have grown and are beginning to leave childhood things behind.
it was a cool movie, reviews from my friends says it was good and i agree.. fun little flick
Superbad is super funny. omg the part where he's going through the book of penis drawings is HILARIOUS! Those are some of the most creative penis pictures I've ever seen man that was funny
I havne't seen it but my friends said it's really horrible.
Superbad is awesome. Its really funny especially when there are so many moments that you can actually relate too which is rare for this type of movie. As outrageous as this movie seems it is quite real at many points in the movie.
The humor is so friggin' awesome, American Pie is nothing compared to this! THE BOOK WITH PENIS DRAWINGS OMFG! LOL
It's so awesome, and the officers are like, drunk and stuff.
i just watched it yesterday........ and i also agrre that the name is not that good as compared to the movie.......

the slim guy also gave good performance in JUNO.........i guess i have seen that fat guy as wel.. i dont know which movie........

but all in all the was tooo good

i remember that dialogue " i am jealous of you ______ those _____ when you were a baby"....
A friend told me its hilarious, better than "American Pie".
I'll try to rent it this weekend.
Kelcey wrote:
I havne't seen it but my friends said it's really horrible.

See it. Make your own opinion. And ask them why they thought it sucked. I'd be really curious to find that out.
thought the movie was just great! Very Happy

nice silly humour Razz
From the same makers of "forgetting sarah marshall" i believe (also a movie with humour like this one).
funny as hell, who didn't like the cops Very Happy
i really liked the part where their friend decided between naming himself with either McLovin or Mohammed in his fake driver license Laughing
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