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Are there any men out there who wear a bald head? If so, do you shave it yourself? My problem is that when I shave my head and face, I have the "bumps" to pop-up on my face for a few days and then they go away. During that time, it is very irritating. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get around this problem and have a smooth look after shaving.
I had my head shaved a while ago for a short period of time. Here are a few tips to help prevent razor bumps:

- Use a good clean razor. Always clean and DRY your razor after using, it helps it last longer and work better.
- Use a good shaving cream that lubercates well.
- Shave in the direction the hair grows and try to minamize the number of strokes used when shaving.
- Lastly, use a moisturizer after shaving.

Following these steps will help reduce irritation on the skin when shaving, and hopefully reduce the razor bumps.
You should use a shaver machine, dont shave yourselve with a razor, it will always irritate your skin. It can take some time to your skin to get used to the machine, i say, maybe at first the shaving is not very effective, but, after some time it works perfectlyu well.
Those little red bumps are commonly called razor burn. Depending on availability in your area, I'd recommend an aftershave lotion as well as a shaving cream that have packaging indicating that they help prevent razor burn. I started using an aftershave recently to reduce razor burn on my neck after shaving and it has done wonders.
Try Mozer or other shaving machines which cut out hair from the roots,
I shaved my beard with my shaving machine and it gives me a very Smooth Look without any irritating pimples or popups.
You can also try to get a shave by your hairdresser. He or she can give you advice on how to take care for your head.
I know that feeling!
I get that horrible itchy little spots shaving thing on my face and head so I don't do it at all anymore.
For the last 6 or 7 years I've just used clippers on a zero setting starting from my neck to the top every 2 or 3 days. I love the really short but not quite bald look, its easy with no products to buy, and no little itchy spots, just a lovely dark shadowy mask i can hide behind! Smile
You should use some shaving cream. One of those that come in a tin can and that the cream goes out from it as a soft foam. It is important that your skin is hydrated before you blade it.
If i understand, your skin is irritated.
I did'nt try to shave my head, but here's what i do for my face:

Until 5 years ago, i cut myself each time i shaved.
I tried electrical razor, but it pinched my skin.

I asked my father what he does. He just said : "you have to wet your skin".

Now I shave just after a shower, with nothing else than a razor, and it's alright. Just try and tell me what your think about it.

I found on the net a picture of the type of razor i use:

and the blades:
How do you get rid of the razor burn... The after shave arent any good.. Anyone knows about a good after shave then please refer it...

I shave my head since I was 20. Now, I am 30 years old. I cut myself when I shaved first time then never.
For about 5 years I used old school shave tools - like one posted above, with that type razors (in my case, Gillette).
Now, I'm using BIC three blades; and that old school type only for the areas which needs special shape (beard). Smile

My personal advices / my technique:
1. Before I start the process, I ALWAYS use hot water and soap to clean my head and face.
2. I apply cream - I used to buy some ones like a soap, now I feel good also with that spray / gel stuff.
I Always use a... beard brush (?) to spread the foam or to make the foam out of soap
(I repeat, it's a special soap for shaving - you can buy it in any beauty store)
I spread the foam and I insist for about 2-3-4 minutes...
3. even the tools are clean, I ALWAYS deep them in hot water before actual start shaving.
4. I shave ONLY in the direction the hair grows.
5. I don't insist too much on the same area: my way - after a "first round", I clean my face/head
with water and I try to identify the bad parts... and I start the process again...
6. After the all process is finished, I ALWAYS clean the tools VERY CAREFULLY and I put surgical
spirit on them (you can buy it from any beauty store or drug store, I guess).

7. I also use some mixture of surgical spirit and after-shave for my face and head (75% surgical
spirit, 25% after shave - for the flavor. Smile) )

I shave ones a week. If I cannot shave in a particular week, next time I ALWAYS use a hair
cutting machine, to adjust the length of the hair
then shave.

I cut myself only ones in ten years... and I get irritation very very rare...
You should use a shaver machine
Talking to my mate the other day (yes it was a mate and not a cliche), I was suprised to learn he shave other body areas quite frequently, prferring the "nude" to the hairy look. I know swimmers have shaved their bodies when entering competitions, but I wonder how many ordinary fellas are pubeless.
You really have to use a shaver machine
just put some antiseptic like savlon or similar thing after u shave... it will reduce those bumps from appearing.... It used to work for me. u may like to give it a try
I don't have a bald head, but shaving my face has been troublesome for me for a while. I think I was using cheap razors or something, I was always bleeding at the end of a shave no matter what I tried.

I recently switched to an electric shaver, and although it's not quite as close a shave, it's plenty close enough and it's much kinder on my skin. Pretty happy with the way it's turned out.
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