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Why do people want so much land?

It seems that all the rulers try to gain more land, but why? Wouldn't it be easier to control a small piece of land than a big one?
easier to control but difficult to defend

zjosie729 wrote:
It seems that all the rulers try to gain more land, but why? Wouldn't it be easier to control a small piece of land than a big one?
Because people are generally selfish. It's not usually just about land, it's the resources that the land holds that people are usually fighting over.
amicalindia wrote:
easier to control but difficult to defend

That doesn't make much sense, surely it's easy to defend a small piece of land?
i believe land is the source of resources which are the source of money which is the source of power.
In no particular order:

1. Resources.
2. Potential for more growth.
3. Control of trade routes.
4. Taxes from the indigenous people.
5. Ownership of strategic military locations.
6. Dude, it looks good on a resume.

Ever played Rise of Nations? It's awesome.
Owning land is owning a part of the earth. Well, that's not so true anymore, because if the government wants to kick you off your land, they have every right to. But back in the days where you could rule it with brute force, that rang true. Just think, if you own more of the earth, you're able to rule the people on those parts of the earth. You can try to force them to believe whatever you want, pay you taxes, dig up gold, raise crops, do labor, etc.
For any cutthroat business minded person, that seems profitable and well worth the effort.
The more land they own, the more things they will get. For example, Japan is only some little islands, where there's no oil. so they want more lands Very Happy
because they think it will bring them power and control... the problem is that both are illusions.
Those are not delusions, land gives you control, land is the basic of civilization, unfortunately I might add. Even a tribe cannot exist without land, the more land the tribe has, the stronger it can become, having a better access to resources. That way we as humans are not scavangers any more, we've become outgrown tribes. And now, when almost all the world is conquered and divided with invisible lines telling us this rock belongs to that person, what should people do? Already, Ive heard (keep in mind, heard, not had some factual information) that goverments are trying to gain control of the polar ice caps and exten their control into the seas.

"The Spice must flow", to quote F. Herbert, but in this case, its resources, and only land brings in resources.
With land comes natural resources and with natural resources comes money... it is true that a smaller amount of land is easier to control and empires have fallen from over-expansion but generally people are willing to take that risk for the chance of earning money...
zjosie729 wrote:
It seems that all the rulers try to gain more land, but why? Wouldn't it be easier to control a small piece of land than a big one?

As far as the qustion that why the people so much land it has many factors.with a view of trading land also increases its cost never loses and another factor that every person want to be a millionaire so in this way people want so much land for different purposes.
In my idea it is this. On some ocasions it is like Russia back in the 1600 where they wanted land close to the sea so that they could export goods. Also another theory I have is that land is equal to money (taxes) which is equal to power.

Thats what it seems like in history and all. But when people get too cocky it seems that all power is lost.

So it could be money, it could be power, it could be that they just want land closer to sea for exporting/importing goods, it could be that there is natural resources there. The list just goes on and on. There really is no exact answer to a question like that.
There is as much land on the earth that so much grain can be prduced so that four times the present polpulation can easily eat. After that, there is as much land to live that four times the present population of the worled can live there.

Its all about unbalanced use of resources and misunderstanding between people all over the world. I hope with better planning, we cna remove poverty, famine and many other things and of course, with the help of GOD almighty.
They are doing this for many reasons: resources, trade routes and MAINLY they are doing this because they are very selfish.
Its what we have come to know as capitalism. Capitalism teaches us to work hard to get what we want, even if that means trampling on other people...
genchan wrote:
...even if that means trampling on other people...

No it doesn't.

Land is the first step to controlling the means of production. Land not only holds the natural resources for production, but you need land to build the business capital needed for actual production to take place. And I don't think many governments or armies think to limit themselves to the amount of land even though their armies are stretched thin and any slightly concentrated counterattack can break through.
Well as per rulers point of view in olden days,Land was the major resource in economical development.Agriculture was the main occupation,More agriculture more money,So therefore all were behind land.Well now days you can see from the terrace of any building why the land is used this days.
So imagine why people are still behind and "Above" the land Smile
Owning something is not so bad...!!!
I'm not sure but some people are very power hungry. It's really human to want things, but other people want things more than other people. Some people want sex, others want food, and some people just want to get more land? Think about it, the more land that you have the more powerful you are. I guess that's what they think when they go power hungry, but it's all good. Sometimes being under a dictatorship can be good as long as things end up good in the end. It really depends on the ruler really. But my belief is that they just want to get more land to become more powerful and they want to prove or scare other countries into joining their side by conquering other countries that way they can get a better hold of more land. That's what i guess, I'm not really sure lol. Why don't you ask a ruler some day? Just kidding. Razz
more land = more chance to find oil in
more land = more trees to cut
more land = more water
more land = more power today and in the future, because the man is "less"
Klaw 2
Wel firstly:
If you have more land you can have more military & strategic options:
1. Like the russians do in war destroy everything, they can retreat and destroy supply routes along the wat and also croppes, this results in really long supply lines, wich are easy targets for partisans, paramilitary forces etc. And since the enemey can't use the food on the land since it is destroyed their army is weakend:

2. More men more men means more fighting power there is to use. (their effectifness depends on amount of resources)
3. More resources mean more weaponds these are Iron, copper, aluminium, uranium etc. etc. etc.
4. Also a large country is less likely to be invaded since it gets stronger as it grows bigger (if the authorities don't fail at keeping riots and such at a low level)
5. More men means you can further expand your country by defeating country's with smaller army's
6. All in all more chanche of survival.

And those are the obvious one's in a military.
Then there is the economic list, tax income from natural resources etc.etc..
And then the political power as a country.
Not everyone wants much land. But the people you've heard about in your history book: they want more land (and power). If they didn't, they wouldn't be in your history book because they wouldn't have empires with lots of power.
The lack of ownership and access to land (to farm, to harvest, to hunt, etc.) is the LEADING cause of poverty for the poor. As the poor either have their land stolen, leave because of drought, or because of an inability to pay local taxes or the landlord. They flee to the cities, slowly losing the skills needed to be self-reliant.

I don't know if any of you have heard of distributism. It is a a third-way economic and political philosophy that offers an alternative to both captialism and socialism. Distributism itself seeks to ensure that most people will become owners of productive property.

You can read more here...
It seems that in this world, land equals powers. And people are always hungry for power.
It seems relatively easy to make a case for why land was an important asset to rulers of the past. The idea that land is a valuable asset seems sound for them. Do you think that ordinary people today are justified in holding similar beliefs today? In the San Francisco Bay area, for example, an ordinary house costs so much that a fast-food worker would have to work for 150 years to pay for it (assuming free room and board). Is this reasonable valuation or a mistaken belief that land is a valuable asset to own?
Thats how we work. We always want more and more once we get used to something.

Won't wou want a bigger house, a cooler computer, more money? I do Razz I mean, I'm happy with it but more is always cooler.
The more land you have, the farther away you can keep other people from you.
For me more land means power, people loves power, even those that thinks they don't need power or doesn't care about it, who would want to live obeying others all the time?

The good thing about a lot of land is resources, place to build up things, land for people that will contribute to more money, etc. I would think a smaller place is easier to run but if there isn't much resources the country would be poor, which wouldn't give the people anything special.
Land comes under control with all people, living on it (=taxes, permissions, fees, even nationalization and drafts in the army), power over them (why ruler wants more power - ask your most controlling member of your family or other person, that you know fairly well), increased international political status with demonstrative respect attached (why people want respect - see more in social psychology and sociology), and all goods and natural resources of this land (actual or having great potential when their use will be developed) - if not for immediate disposal, then great control over them, with all monetary benefits that will follow.

Land can't be printed in larger amounts, then is on actual Earth surface, what makes it more reliable as paper money. With word population, doubling very fast, there will be guaranteed increase of the subjects, willing to find place to live, no matter how bad or small it will be.

Why one would want to be rich and powerful - instead of poor and powerless? Laughing
land = power . from the resources available .

Middle east sits on a lot of oil, so middle east can mess us up by increasing the OIL price.
indonesia is a big land..huge for sure..but look, they are still weak..large land meands too many problem to solve..there are few people in charge..they are not worry about others,just thingking about their family wealthy. this is bad.who dont know china? big big big land..but why lot of their citizen choose to leave..did your country didn't have chinese people? anyway...power is not about land..
Crinoid wrote:

Why one would want to be rich and powerful - instead of poor and powerless? Laughing

Good question. Especially since it is much easier to be poor and powerless. Do you want to be poor and powerless? And if yes, why would you want to be poor and powerless?
Feelings of superiority over neighboring states
To distract from domestic issues
To help stimulate the economy
Politics (other country has elected a leftist or rightist regime)
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