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dreams about the future

My friends and I were talking about the future today, and I thought it'd be nice to hear from everyone.

One of them wants to be a hobo, another wants to be a pharmacist (also go to a college in Canada), and the other wants to be the CEO of a company like Microsoft. I want to have a good, successful business.

What about you?
Good successful business in the field of technology. Creating and doing what ever I can to make a difference for the better in this world. Like perhaps create a fully functional OS better to replace Microsoft, that actually works, and have compatibility versions for Any computer, new and outdated. Making cars and not giving into gas company's bribes(with the assumption that economical cars that are cheap to fill up Wont be around in 10 years). more than technology too. Law, real estate, medicine, government technology. Like I said, pretty much anything I feel I can make work out for the better.

And also have my business be honest. If companies today weren't all so greedy for money and crap, the world would have been so much more technologically advanced than it is today.

But that's just my dreams. Putting it ALL into play is going to be SO hard.
Looking to go into medicine. It's a bit competitive, so if I don't get it, I have backup plans as a professional bum.
oh yeah, that's another one, I want to get my M.D. eventually.. not to be a doctor, more as I'd like the knowledge..
zjosie729 wrote:
My friends and I were talking about the future today, and I thought it'd be nice to hear from everyone.

One of them wants to be a hobo, another wants to be a pharmacist (also go to a college in Canada), and the other wants to be the CEO of a company like Microsoft. I want to have a good, successful business.

What about you?

Like every one i have my own dreams and these are known as golden dreams .i feel my self flying in the air and having a good business like millionair persons in the is upto me that how much hardwork i do . Rolling Eyes
Jakob [JaWGames]
I feel that when I have finished school with (hopefully) stable notes I will try to go out and make some difference in this world. Probably something related to evironment or people in need. It would also be very interesting to go into politicts to try to change things.

We have to be radical to change this world, or we are all doomed to detruction Smile
My dream right now is to become a neurosurgeon, but that is very specialized, and it is hard to tell if I have what it takes. If I don't do that I would like to go into neurological research. If I fail to get into med school, or decide it is not for me, my back-up plans would be web design, fashion photography, or digital retoucher/manipulator.

Lol most people call me crazy.
I want to do something with computers, programmer designer etc...
Dreams about the future... first of all I want to get free hosting so I have to keep posting. Smile hi hi hi

Second... I need an answer for this question: what is the purpose of this life? WHY are we living? So, this one of my future dream... to get this answer... And maybe to have my own business which will provide me enough money to stay home and think about this... and I found that a simple living means less money = less work = more time to enjoy nature & life... That's it!
Call me lasy but I like to enjoy sun and to enjoy being...
i have no idea what i want to do
i like science
and fighting
and acting
and kids

but i just wanna sit some where and watch the clouds roll by, ya know? i have an idea what i want to be doing in 10 yrs, but no idea what i would want to be doing 10 years from now... that made perfect sense in my head i swear
Dreams are best part of life.Every human being dreams.He tries to perceive his future,he expects some things to happen in his favour.The one who plans,dreams his destination and achieves it is the real great man.Many people dream of things which they cant do or not capable of.Some try their best with thier hard work and intelligence.some gets diverted.
I myself remember me in the childhood of thinking to be computer engineer.Today i have achieved it what ever i wanted to be with all my hard work and intelligence.I am proud of my past.My future dream is to have my own software company.I am working in that direction.I am sure i will have it one day.That day is not so far now.
I always wanted to be a good programmer.I don't know how it'll brighten my future but I just love to code a new thing & therefore start my carrier relating this.
I want to open my own business. Probably use my degree in computer programming to get custom applications and web sites for those who want them.

Also thinking about asking my B/F to join me, since he's a graphic designer... if I can get him onboard, we'll rock this small town and hopefully go global one day. Smile
as in your threat, dream, i dream of to be a successful person, in any field. i learn a lot and i know a lot. i'm good in PA system and photography and i'm expert in graphic design, animation and web design and computer hardware and software. but currently i taking psychology, thinking of to be a doctor, a psychiatrist. and after i become a psychiatrist, i would do computer business and earn a lot of money. that my dream.
I'm going to be James Bond.
But really, i would love to work in the film or TV industry, i have a keen interest for editing and TV camera operating.
But these two are really hard fields to get into, its who you know not what you know sadly.
I have done some running work but this was for some independent film called "If I'm Spared", it had the blond girl from The Descent in it.
I wanna run a children's clothing store. One which also sells some of my designs. And a accessories collection for children. I haven't designed anything, but I have lots of ideas... If this doesn't work, I would like to run an authentic candy shop like we used to have. With a wooden door, and a little bell above the door which rings when the door opens Smile And with jars full of candy and biscuits...
At the first glance of the topic, I've thought it was about seeing future in one's dream. Acturally it a more interesting topic for me, since I really believe that I for some times did see future in my dreams, and i did not realize that until they happened very very similarly or even same as disclosed by my dream. It is funny. But those dreams are far away than to be able to remake. lol
today is a future for me
I want to own a company that designs and creates games, thats not based on profit, but based on creating the employee's dream games.
I want to make a difference in the world - I want my voice heard and my visions seen. I want to write, and draw, and design websites, and try my hand at all kinds of stuff, and I want to save up as much as I can while I'm young so I can retire a little earlier than most people and have financial security so I can keep trying my hand at all kinds of stuff, except without worrying about how much income it brings in.

So basically, I just want to have just enough money to live comfortably off of and to be happy.

Oh, and I also want to do a lot of travel stuff like have Fish and Chips and tea in England, and see Stonehenge in person, and spend some time in Ireland just painting the landscapes, and tour the castles in Europe, and see a show on Broadway in New York, and teach English in Japan...the list goes on and on. :3
meet in rio
My absolute dream job would be to be a literary translator (Spanish --> English) and have the luxury of choosing my projects, but that would take years and years of working up through the 'translation company --> skint freelancer --> slight-better-off freelancer' route and I'm not really sure I'm cut out for the long haul. If I graduate and have no idea what to do, I'll either do a year in China with the British Council as a language assistant, go for a Translation MA (perhaps in France or Germany/Austria, so as to perfect a third language) or just bum around in some city office job for a while whilst I figure out my lifeplan.

(I also wouldn't mind spitting in the face of 100+ years of Western feminism and just being someone's mummy, quite honestly.)
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