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Friend problems

A few months ago i started to play a video game that i've been playing till now from time to time but my friends found out about this game and they installed it too and they became really addicted. Since then I can't really talk to them without getting asked 1000000 questions about lore, abillitys and all that stuff (its an mmorpg).
Can anyone give me some tips on how could I make them to leave me alone? I really had enough and they don't have maturity and if I ask them nicely they ask me more.
The obvious answers:
a)Start giving bad advice
or b) Find new friends

But I'm the wrong person to ask - I don't have a lot of friends, and I'm OK with that.
Yeah i had this a while ago when me and my friends all started playing an mmorpg. To fill the awkward silences, you talk about the game, until thats all you talk about.

If your friends have only been playing the game for a while, they'll probably get bored with it soon and leave. If they've been playing for a while, it could be more of a problem. But i have a few suggestions for dealing with it:

- tell them you are annoyed with them asking you all the time. What i mean is when they are talking about the game, just say to them 'Look guys, can we find something else to talk about because i'm really getting bored with talking about {X} all the time'

- stop playing for a while. This is what i did. If you don't play it, they don't talk to you about it. Also tell them you were getting bored with it, and they may too.

- find a way to put them off playing it. Or like riv_ said, give them bad advice. This will probably be your idea, as i don't know what game your playing.

Hope this helps, and you get your problem resolved.
Thanks for the help. I'm in the same classroom as they are and that's the worst thing. I really love the game but everytime i enter it they are there and spam my chat window and everytime I go to school they are there and as I said you can't talk to these people honestly.
Thing is, if you don't act now, the problem will just keep on getting bigger and bigger. Do something now, dont wait for a couple of weeks. By then it will be 10 times worse, and therefore 100 times harder to sort out.
I have empathy for you Vladalf, I've been in similar situations and they are tricky.

I'm not sure there's any 'best' way to deal with it, I wouldn't suggest giving bad advice as you obviously want to keep your friends and they might take it the wrong way if they see what you're doing. One thing you might be able to try is bluntly telling them that you are tired with talking about the game and it's becoming boring to you as a result. then say to them that you won't (not don't want to, but simply will not) answer questions about it. If you stick to this the questions may subside.

Genesiz gave some pretty good advice too. I'm not sure what else to suggest appart from what he's said already. (Good work, Genesiz Wink)
Thanks for the help! I will try these things.
I will post what happens.
Haha my friend introduced me to Oblivion, I melted my brains playing it and asked him 100000000000000000 questions a day and Oblivion was the only thing I talked to him about, but then I got bored and stopped. Razz Your friend will probably get tired of it soon.
Friends are "relationships" too. Moved to relationships.
i guess making them be bored would be the answer... but for some people, once they are addicted, they might never stop.

the best? tell them you are tired of their questions, like what everyone said. good luck.
I would recommend you to be honest to yourself and honest to them also. Tell them how all this makes you feel and how they seem in your eyes. Tell them what u want and need. Be clear and sure in yourself, but try not to be too harsh. After all there must b something good or have been something good about them before, when u were good friends. May be they just try being like you?!
And I hate video games in general. I dislike addictive games and any other addictive things.
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