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Running your own "mainframe"

Studio Madcrow
Thanks to the same emulation magic that lets you play old video games on your PC, you can now actually run a mainframe on your PC. "Big" systems like DEC PDP-10s and VAXen and even IBM mainframes will actually work quite nicely on a standard PC... Is anyone here interested in this kind of thing? I'm playing around with a few differemt mainframe systems and would be glad to help interested folk out...
What excactly do you mean>???
I mean, what does this simulation actually do? It simulates the software of the mainframe? \And how can you connect the "clients". Is there a way to do so?(maybe via network or so...?)

Or you can just play with the software of the servers?
You can have this software for free, or you have to pay a tons of money?

Any website link to that?
Studio Madcrow
The software is an actual emulator, just like MAME emulates arcade machines or ZSNES emulates a Super NES, Hercules emulates IBM 360, 370 and 390 mainframes. The emulator itself is free, as is quite a bit of software you can run on it (IBM mainframe OSes were freeware until the late 70s/early 80s) Sadly, the policy changed, so you can't (legally) run anything newer than 1979 or so. Still, it's a lot of fun if you're a computer history nerd.

As for connecting to the clients, you need to use a TN3270 client. A good free one for Win32 is wc3270. You connect to localhost on port 3270 and can open as many fake dumb terminals as possible.
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