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How is my new Avatar?

How is my new Avatar?

Homeworld: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: .66 meter
Weapon: lightsaber
Affiliation: Jedi

Yoda, the ancient and revered Jedi Master, lived his final years hiding on the swamp planet of Dagobah. Nine hundred years old, Yoda had trained Jedi for eight centuries, and was very powerful in the Force. Among his last pupils were the most important (and reckless) Jedi in recent history, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.
Nice, but all that matters, is, if you like it....

And you don't give us the opportunity to compare the one you have now, with the one you used to have...

A comparison like that, or even a poll, would be nice Razz
It's just a pic of Yoda???
Jaan wrote:
It's just a pic of Yoda???

You're wrong. Its a nice picture of Yoda Wink

I like it. Its the kind of picture that works really well as an avatar.
Yeah, but do we really need all that spam, er, I mean text about who Yoda is and where he comes from?
Ehhh....I don't care much for Star Wars.
HDirtwater wrote:
Yeah, but do we really need all that spam, er, I mean text about who Yoda is and where he comes from?

It was not spam I just wanted people to know who is Yodo in case they dint
Anyway you cant expect all to know who Yoda is
raine dragon
can't you? I mean... who doesn't know who Yoda is?
Well, I always like borders around images...
Donutey wrote:
Well, I always like borders around images...

Yeah! me too Cool
Did you made the gyro thing lightsaber effect?
HDirtwater wrote:
Yeah, but do we really need all that spam, er, I mean text about who Yoda is and where he comes from?

Of course. You need something in the post, right?

Did you make it yourself, or use one already made?
If you made it yourself, Its an extremely good avvie
If it was pre-made, its still a good choice, just not spectacular.
The Maxx is better. Everyone knows who Yoda is, and only those who remember the show MTV Oddities remember The Maxx. You should be ashamed for never watching it, all of you!
"You should be ashamed for never watching it, all of you!"
WE can only watch what is shown
The world is bigger than the Western hemisphere and there are ever so many things in this world that you and I know not of our respective philosophies
All of you please remember that this a forum accessible world over
don't just simply make assumption and most importantly
Please don't think what you see in TV at your home is also seen by everyone all over the world
I live in India
MTV in INDIA you would not understand even the language
so much for your MAXX
I feel most of you out there are like frogs in the well which thinks all the world is the well it lives in
Just for example
My daughter 10 years old does not know yoda but can get full marks in any trivia quizz on all the seven books of Harry Potter
The world is changing
good for you yagnyavalkya.
You certainly showed 'em.
Plus i think your avatar is quite good.
Star Wars is one of those things that will last forever. Just like the Lord Of The Rings. Some people will always say the stories are outdated. But these sagas have the depth to appeal to a part of the generation no matter how much in the future it is. There will always be fans of them.

The avatar is nice. What matters is that you feel you are bringing some of your personality into your profile.
Good, now we're all happy.

Anyway, topics on avatars have been closed before, and will be closed now and in the future. (What would happen if we would all start making a topic about our avatar or signature? Yes, a spam wave.) Nobody can really say something about your avatar.

Let's just say we like it.

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