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i have sensetive skin & i get pimples on my chest does anyone know any good product that can clear them ?
the best you do.. dont eat meat.. junkfoods.. or anything food oily eat sometimes... but much better fruits and vegetables...
ahh i should try that lolx ... thnx for the advice Smile
While I could be wrong, I'm 95% sure that diet has nothing to do with getting acne. Eating oily food won't give you pimples unless you rub it on your skin before eating it. Laughing

If you're really sensitive about your chest, you can always see a dermatologist. I used to get acne too, but now my skin is almost always clear because my dermatologist recommended some medications for me. And the dermatologist isn't someone you'd need to see every week or even every month; I only called mine when I started to break out (before I found a medicine that worked for me).

There are some topical medications that you can buy at the drugstore without a prescription (Clean & Clear, etc.), which may help a little bit. However, if things like that don't work, a dermatologist can give you a stronger topical medicine, such as Duac or Differin. They can give you pills too, but I don't recommend them, as they can make you very nauseous. I was taking Doxycycline for a while, but I stopped for that reason, even though it was helping my acne.

Last, I don't know if you're female, but if you are, birth control pills might help to clear up your chest. I know it sounds crazy, but certain birth control pills can help with acne. If you're male, then nevermind. Very Happy

To sum things up, I think the best thing to do would be to make an appointment with a dermatologist. People are different, so what works for one person might not work for another. Dermatologists are trained to find out exactly what works for you. If your uncomfortable about your skin, it can't hurt to ask a professional for help. Good luck!
Potatoes is a good medicine for almost everithing. You have to cut a big potato in thin layers and then to cover the affected part of your skin with that layers. It will both give you a sensation of freshness and at the same time you will get rid of any irritation. The potatoes have to be at ambient temperature, not taken from the refrigerator.
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