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Need Help: Can't delete folder

I have an mp4 player ... a "flash drive".

Anyways. Its pretty nifty. Plays music, videos, has radio, phonebook, e-book, pictures, games, etc. So, there are two ways to update it (as far as I'm aware).

The first method is through syncing (like the feature windows media player has).

The second method is to just drag and drop files into the folder.

On the first level of the drive it has a folder called "mp4" (where all files should be placed), and a file called WMPInfo.xml (which i gather is what WMP created when I connected it the first time).

So I was updating it through the second method like usual. I tried removing a file or two, that didn't work. I tried removing the folder that the files we're in, that didn't work. I tried using a file/folder remover software (R-Wipe&Clean), that didn't work. I tried renaming the folder "mp4" and that did work. I tried deleting this folder, but this didn't work.
I ran this command, but it didn't work:

rmdir G:\mp4 /s

It brang up a lot of info in the window about files/folders not being in the correct location, etc. A yellow triangle appeared in the system tray saying that the CMD was corrupt.

Some files/folders have replicated themselves in other ones. When I do successfully remove a file and i go to a different folder when I go back again its still there even though it seems to have been deleted. Some odd files and folders have been created, like the following:
etc, etc.

They are pretty big, with no/obviously incorrect because they're so stupid file types. Some are removed, but then reappear again. Others bring up messages.

The mp4 is 8GB in size but windows explored says its 41.5GB in size.

No viruses are on my pc.

Does anyone know what could be the problem? Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


OK. So I re-formatted the drive, which deletes all files. The window said it is 8MB in size, with no way to change it to 8GB. Decided to re-format anyway. I know it is NOT 8MB in size because i've had songs on it that have played properly. After I formatted it theres an unknown file called "δ<MSDOS.5.0" on it that is 0kb in size.
I tried to add a few images on the drive but only one copied on all occasions. After the first is copied it says that the other('s) is damaged or corruped. The images were copied from my desktop, there is no way this is possible.

Virus check says none have been found (again).

I had a similar problem( unable to delete some files and other files replicating...) i jus trun checkdisk, and the files were automatically removed... I believe that there probably is a problem with the flash drive, which checkdisk can probably fix...

Also, what filetype did you use in order to format it? If i am not wrong, the default filetype for most flash drives is fat32, so, if you formated as NTFS, this could create the size problem.
Also, if you were formating the disk, then stoped the procedure(for an unknown reason) and then started again, there is a chance that the flash is damaged(kinda bad sectors, that after, most of the disk is "removed")

Hope i helped Razz
Ok, it sounds to me like you somehow screwed up the head/sector count. The easiest way to fix this, is pop in a linux live disk (I assume you know how to create one, but if not just post here and I will post in great length to help). With virtually any distro of linux running, you can open up a terminal in root mode, mount up the partition that your drive is plugged into, the command for this varies depending on which distro you get, some will even auto-mount it. After mounting it, you can run a command like fdisk. You will want to go through the commands on fdisk and have it replace the partition table with a fresh one. And you can have it check the number of heads/sectors and make sure they are right. I'm not on my linux machine atm so I can't give specific commands, but its incredibly simple for someone who knows how to use the Help command to figure out, but I will still append my post after I get back home later today.
I would say run chkdsk and fdisk, see if you can repair it. This would lose any firmware that may be installed however, so make sure you can reinstall it.
if ur mp4 player is chinese then u hav a fake 8GB player.becoz all chinese MP4 players r fake and they actually contain only 1 or 2 GB space and state that they have a capacity of 4 GB or even 8GB.they r hacked to show fake storage capacities thats why file corruption takes place on the players nand flash chip.the best way to cure this is to remove the memory hack of the player so that the player shows the real capacity of its nand flash chip.

go to and search for "how to remove the memory hack in mp4 player" and u will get a step by step procedure to repair ur mp4 player.

Good luck
Hey, wazzup everybody? I found a problem with a MP4, was looking out the net and realized that is the same problem as yours. I can't put on any file on the MP4, and I try to format it, but it shows that it has just 1 MB of memory. After formatting, the directory shows a file named <MSDOS.5.0 that I can't delete, can't move... Have you found the solution? Please, answer me. C ya.
why do you need to delete it???
i think it has something to do with the inner workings of the player... however... i assume it is usb 2.0= fast transfer... so get your music off of it... reformat the drive, music back on.. max 10 mins for most players... easy as pie
I can't put any file on it. It's because of this file... Formatting doesn't help me, like I said.
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