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Storys about ciphers.

I am interrested in storys about cryptography. I think of fictive ones and historical. For example I think Edgar Allen Poe has written some stuff, but I don't know which ones include something about ciphers and codes. And what about Sherlock Homes? Which story are about code-puzzels?

I know that there are ciphers which have been used in history. For example Queen Mary or Ceasar used them (and both died!).

So I want you to make a list with fictive story and real ones. Maby you should post title, author and a hyperlink.
You could read Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. It is a book about an unbreakable code that is perplexing this NSA super code-cracking computer. It's written by the same guy as The Da Vinci code, so it is pretty big but wort it.
You might try "Enigma" by Robert Harris, an account of British attempts to break the Enigma cyphers in WW II.
Even you could read "The gold bug" to start. It's a short story but its great.
I recommend you read a fictional story entitled "Alvin's Secret Code" written by Clifford B. Hicks. It is a story about a boy who reads about a local buried treasure and he sets to find out to solve the code who the help of friends and a neighbor.

It has a mini appendix that talks about various ciphers and codes and has a few ciphers for you to solve using some of the basic principles it teaches you.

I'll also recommend, Navajo Code Talkers (We the People) by Andrew Santella. It takes a look at the unbreakable code that was used by Navajo Indians mainly in the Second World War and was used moderately in the Korean and Vietnam War. The author talks about how the code was created, what the original talkers went through in training, some insights into what words made the code, and finally some of the codetalker battle experiences. This story is strictly about the Navajo code. There is some mention of ciphers but it is very few and far.
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