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Alligator! With my own photos.

Ready to take a swim?
Why not? It's Florida, isn't it?
 28%  [ 2 ]
As long as it doesn't move...
 28%  [ 2 ]
Not for a million dollars!
 42%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 7

I saw this gator on my way to work, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture. Gators this big aren't that rare, but you usually don't see them, especially you usually don't see more than their heads. That, and it is rare for me to be carrying my camera, and rare for me to take that specific route to work, so you all are very lucky to be able to see it!

^There it is. I make a rough guess that it is between 7 and 9 feet long, I've seen bigger, but not often.
Let's zoom in, and crop the picture down to get close:

It's a shame the sun was coming from the wrong direction, but it is still a decent photo, and the gator itself was an excellent photo subject; it was completely ignoring me (and the police officer that stopped to see what I was doing), just enjoying a little bit of sunshine.
thank you for the picture. he's BIG Laughing
it's a very impressive beast! I guess when you live around them for a long time you dont really think much of them but I would run a mile!!
Ever found one close to your house?
^My house is too far from water to worry about it, but this picture was taken on the side of the road in a high-end residential neighborhood. (This gator is sitting within rock throwing distance from fancy houses)

No, I'm not too worried about them; they don't bother people much. Dogs, though... Well, let me just say that it's not a terribly bright idea to play fetch with your dog in a lake in Florida. (Though I would have decided to get a little further away from the water if it went into the water)
Anyway, the trick to getting away from one is to run in zig-zags; they can outrun you in a straight line, but they don't turn very well. I've never had to run from one before, though.
Man, thats a pretty decent sized gator.

When I was a kid we used to go down the trail and catch oscars or other fish, then tie pieces of them on our line (no hook) and take turns whipping them past gators floating on the surface. The point of the game was to whip the bait past its head fast enough so that it couldn't grab it (not nice, I know Razz ). One time a big one came up to the dock and we had to stand on this big metal box at the end of the dock for quite awhile before it realized we weren't food after all and left.

Oh man, and one time it had been raining most of the week so that water level in the canal had raised up past the wooden dock making it slippery. I was walking onto the dock with my sister when she suddenly skid right off the side and into the water. I'd never seen anybody move so fast in my entire life. Laughing

I think I see a turtle lurking back there too.
That's a pretty cool photo. Kinda reminds me of a turtle or something sunning himself on a rock, which makes it funny to see something that big doing something like that.

So yeah, awesome photo.
ocalhoun wrote:

Anyway, the trick to getting away from one is to run in zig-zags; they can outrun you in a straight line, but they don't turn very well. I've never had to run from one before, though.

though they are really no alligators at my place, but just in case I have to run from it someday, thanks for the tip.

nice shot by the way~
I've seen a lot in the wild of them in the wild, but have never gotten a picture that good. That's in Florida? I've never been there but have been to other places with swamps and such.
That is a really cool picture it is almost like a silhouette. I have taken some pretty good gator photos over the years here are a few
So cool!! He's big! I've only seen gator in zoos here where I you were lucky to have your camera when you spotted it!
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