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iPhone launch in the UK - Not as expected

In the UK 3G was rolled out ages ago. Nobody wants a data plan on old generation data networks. Compared to 3G this is SLOOOOOOOW. Sure apple states that the battery drainage would be too great. But surely that is for the consumer to decide if its worth it. They could have also solved that problem by allowing uses to change the battery!! In fact, they probably would have made a tidy sum of money by selling spare batteries and allowing users to have that battery draining 3G. Shot themselves in the foot.

Also in the UK we are used to either paying for the phone, or the contract, but not both. This is a highly competitive market and o2 is not the best network to be on. And the price of the contract is sky high (35 a month), for that price you can get a very good phone indeed for nothing and a far better call and data package.

It is going to be interesting that Apple HAVE to unlock phones upon request. This has yet to be tested in this country, but the laws are there if need be - despite the government not intervening like the French government.

If push comes to shove, people in the UK could if they wanted nip over to France and buy an unlocked phone, and under EU rules there is nothing Apple can do to prevent customers using them back in the UK.

All in all the only selling point is the UI. And once the other phone manufactures copy this, then Apple with have very little, if any, market leverage in Europe. It is a completely different market than America.

The biggest failure on Apples behalf is it let the hype bubble deflate before selling in Europe. We all watched the fiasco about Apple bricking phones and locking out third party apps. It has made us think twice, especially when we get phones that do allow us to have third party apps, that we can use on any network and come free of charge with the same price contract and have more minutes and texts and data to use each month on a faster network.

The only people buying the iPhone is the Apple zealots and those who want it as a fashion accessery. And as we all know, fashion changes fast. And who is going to want an 18 month contract when the standard in the UK is 12... In 12 months time the iPhone is going to be old hat, but then customers are still stuck on o2 with a crappy deal whilst everyone is going to be buying the latest phones from Sony Erricson, Nokia and others for nothing.
iPhone is a very nice phone, the best there is, but i am questioning if its worth it or not as well. It was designed for america...
In order to make it good enough for Europe as well, they would have to change a tone of stuff on it!
The American networks, use different protocols and technologies... Also the kind of contracts that they have are different...

Until they change iPhone and they launch a speciallized EU edition,i am surely not buying it.
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