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Halo 3

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I've heard some negative and positive points of veiw on Halo 3. Personally, it lives up to it's name: the third and final kicka** game I've played. Please put down your opinion if H3 is for all or just for those who screwed up in H2 Rolling Eyes
Great game.
I picked it up but haven't had a chance to play much yet. I just finished Halo 2 not too long ago getting ready for Halo 3's release. I'll probably dust it off some time soon "finish the fight", but right now I just don't have the time.
It's just an awesome game, it's one of these games you must have played imho Wink. It lives up to the hype for 100%.
I was dissapointed with #3 as it was basically a re-skin on everything that happened in #2 =\ play through the campaign, and then play through the halo2 campaign, you will see what im talking about.
Halo 3 is good, almost better than Halo 2 in my opinion, though its still very similar (what were you expecting? HALO 2, You think they would drop it entirely and start over to make Halo 3? lol they definitely had to include a ton of elements from Halo 2).

Graphics are better, gameplay.. is very different, its more like a constant fight instead of a squad based singular effort Razz I like it this way better, its just i like other games that have it even to a much higher degree. Team Deathmatch is a bit better, with 5v5.. Maps though.. are horrible, I bet they definitely didnt try that hard because they knew they are going to release a map pack lol. Big Team Battle is almost as much as a joke as Gears' online multiplayer lol.. 8v8 so they WAYY oversize the map, with wierd and too few vehicle placements, not enough weapons, and total unbalance, just like it was in Halo 2, i could grab the sniper and just waste everyone 24/7. Too boring, BTB is definitely not the constant action, its more like how Halo 2 is lol. Overall the campaign.. i gave up on after Halo 2, Love the books, But I just couldnt.. well take it serious anymore.. its like.. The crap hit the covenant cruisers engine.. or something.. it just went wierd.. and made me question how serious it could get lol so i stopped caring. Still solid campaign none the less. They really screwed up some of the weapons too lol, sniper/battlerifle/smg/sword are by far some of the worst weapons in the game, the assault rifle sounds... lol.. bad very bad, The needler is like an insta killer now.. Totally rigged, you pick it up, You are guaranteed a kill, and probably kill yourself as well. Shotguns still great, fires kinda funky, though i like it. Rocket launcher.. well.. it sucks, you can see it coming from a mile away, and then if you jump and it hits the ground where you were, You live. Sword by far sucks now because you can sidestep it everytime if you practice lol. That and theres no real huge Lunge anymore.. So most of the time its not hard to kill the guy with the sword before he gets close enough. But thats just weapons, doesnt take away from the gameplay that much, I loved the assault rifle in the first Halo (my second favorite game of all time), and Im Glad its one of the best weapons now lol Razz

So overall yeah, negative and positive.. But more positive things outweigh it, making it better than Halo 2. Halo 3 is for everyone, though, except those freakin screaming fat kids that squeel online lol.
Yea there is a lot of improvement but... to me its not that great, fun but not GREAT... (yea i'm a pretty hard critic)
Sure its balanced out, even though I never experienced Halo 2's multiplayer and couldn't say. Its weird, it should be great, way more weapons and vehicles than anyone would have thought nessecery, incredible amount of features.

It just seems to lack that addictive factor, like say Team Fortress 2. It's not addictive because it tries to lie to you with ranks or skill levels, just because its so damned good. Short term acheivements, like getting the most points in a match, will always beat the long term ones, that only ten year olds will actually have the time to beat. Some people are addicted to Halo 3, and I worry. Get a decent PC and The Orange Box Razz

But I suppose the fact I'm a PC gamer and detest MMOs is responsible for my opinion there...
this is the first halo game ive ever played, as i always was against it. but as i had just purchased a 360 i was pretty much obligated to get it. and im glad i did. im enjoying it a lot. the campaign was fun solo, and even more fun co-op. online is def best from those ive played in a while. also playing against other people is fun too. granted u tend to look at ur opponents screen to see where they are but still fun none the less.
got news for ya, HALO 4 is already in the planning stages. Halo is not a trilogy.
9th_GateGGames wrote:
got news for ya, HALO 4 is already in the planning stages. Halo is not a trilogy.

Where did you see that?

Halo 3 its a triology, at this moment.

Bungie is working in other projects right now...

Maybe if they need money they will come back to halo 4...

Complete the game in legendary and you will see why.

The film its diferent, new plantet... meaby new history?
I don't own ?Halo 3 yet but i will soon because it looks amazing

It isnt halo 4 thats in the works, its halo wars, which is based before halo 1. I dont have any information on it yet though
Agent ME
Pkshields wrote:
It isnt halo 4 thats in the works, its halo wars, which is based before halo 1. I dont have any information on it yet though

Halo Wars is a spin-off being made by Ensemble Studios, not Bungie (who made the FPS games). See the faq page.

Bungie is working on their next project - I believe I saw a news article saying along the lines they aren't calling it Halo 4, but obviously there's too much value in the Halo brand for it not to be related.

My guess is that whatever their next game is, it won't be called Halo, but will be the same universe, but new battles+storyline. (Halo 3 finished the battles in Halo 1 - the covenant and flood aren't threats any more, the Halo ringworlds aren't too important now)
Halo 3 is garbage...but i play it cause im good at it..pretty much, but my friends wanna play in mlg 08 season, so i might practice for that
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