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Make me an Ajax-Chat for 500 Frih$

Ok. I want a simple Chatbox like this one here:

Here's a list of everything that must be integrated:

  • The chatfield, where all messages are displayed must not blink while refreshing like many other ajaxchats I know (the one linked up there doesn't blink^^)

  • It must work if I call <?php include('chat.php'); ?> and show the whole chat-"window" (messagefield, input, sendbutton) wherever I write <?php include('chat.php'); ?> in my code.

  • No Login. Just like the linuxuser-chat. Nicknameinput will be replaced with a certain session used by my script.

  • While only 5-10 (changeable var in the code) lines are shown in the messagefield, everything from beginning is saved, so one can download the whole chatlog

I think that's it.

I hope there are some Ajax-Gurus out there on frihost, to make this happen.

If you need any further information just post here.
check out

i know you asked for ajax chat but you can get many more features from flash chatrooms. FlashChat is not free but there are a couple opensource ones for free.
Thanks for the link.
I'll see if I find a good flashchat.

But the offer is still valid, until I post something else here.
Star Wars Fanatic
I also believe you can download the source for the link you posted...
I know. But I can't get it to work. The script won't work, if I put it at the end of my html-site like in de source. And if I put it within the head-tags, at least it the inputfield is empty after hitting return. But no text is in the textfile.
Star Wars Fanatic
Are you sure? It worked fine for me, just have all three files with each other in a folder, and it should work fine.

From there, you should be able to put the chat in any page you want.

You can also go here ( to get directions for setting it up:

2 steps
copy index.html and w.php in a directory of your choice
create a file called chat.txt (writeable for php)

you could also do like this:
copy index.html and w.php
chmod 777 the whole dir
start the app to create the chat.txt file
chmod 755 the dir and 777 the chat.txt
Yeah. Exactly like that.
I just opened index.html and put all the code in my index.php
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