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Warhwak (PS3)

I really want to buy this warhawk game for the PS3. What are your views on it as i want to know what people think about it before i go and spend alot of money on it.

Is it a good game, like good detail and graphics and so on.
Good game, more like Fantastic game in my opinion- But thats my opinion, Following are facts Razz

-Online Only
-Third person shooter
-up to 32 players online
-Balanced weapon and vehicle system..

For me, the gameplay is fantastic.. I love big battles and nonstop action fast pace.. this game Definitely fits right in there.. Now though, there is a slight learning curve (controls take somewhere between 20mins and an hour to really get instinctively used to but its so worth it!), but then, even while youre getting used to them.. you get a taste of the game-

Graphics are Supremely Amazing, Flat out, No game can compare to this kind of action. People might question that kind of statement, but jumping into a warhawk, and soaring Well above the map (so high, that you can be over a missile turret and it not be able to lock on) and then just look down.. and see the Huge map.. The endless detail, and realizing at every spot there could be a fighting going on (in many cases visible).. Really surprised me you could go that high when i first played it. Extremely not used to it, as not many games really have risen to this kind of peak, battlefield almost and a few others maybe.. but their graphics or the action come even close to Warhawk. These maps are incredibly detailed, and heck, you can even hide in the clouds.. and sometimes a big cloud comes along and the whole sky is just chaos and fog lol. Size is great, but so is the navigation, its not hard to travel around as theres plenty of vehicles, though walking also, but walking is alot slower Razz.. So just great maps- And then you move onto the

Gameplay wise- theres a good amount of weapons, Not any wierd ones, just ones you'd expect, but how they fire, their accuracy and other features still make them alot funner to use for some reason over like GRAW2 assault rifles etc. Theyre all pretty balanced- Rocket launchers to machine guns it could easily go either way. (though thats what some people dont like because theyre newbs and want an Extreme advantage Razz lol).. Vehicles, tanks, Jeeps, and Warhawks.. all extremely balanced against foot troopers, though of course its reasonable, if youre a ground trooper and have nothing to hide behind or structures to navigate around for cover to peak out and squeeze off a rocket or grenades or things, then you'r mostlikely going to die lol, everythigns the way you'd think it should be.. When you play other games you keep thinking how they could have done this or tweak this to make it better etc.. but in Warhawk everything is as if it already was tweaked by a normal gamer. ANd again the detail of the maps just adds to the incredible gameplay experience, hiding behind pillars and ducking through bunkers or running from a warhawk, in a jeep and driving into a tunnel.. Its just a great online game. a Knife.. might be weak, but when you take it out, you disappear off the radar (the only time you appear on the radar is if your close to an enemy, its not like they see you on the radar halfway across the map, only tanks (when theyre moving/firing) and warhawks (at any time) are visible from anywhere), but say you get into a base unnoticed, take out a knife and just run around killing people, especially the snipers, works really well against them haha... As i said, this game is very balanced.

Replay wise- as its an online only game, you might think people would get bored of it, but theres lots of rankings, medals, ribbons, and achievements to get if you're that kind of a gamer. And theres usually a good game going at any time.. But in depth, what game doesnt get repetitive? But with warhawk, its the least repetitive online game i've ever played. So many different ways to approach things, so many different strategies lol. Lots of unique weapons for the warhawk and ground troops, and theres plenty of different types of Online matches- CTF, Dogfight (warhawks fighting only), Team deathmatch, Deathmatch, Zones, and some others.. all fill up to be a great online experience. If you like Multiplayer games, with nonstop action- Explosion explosion explosions, that looks fantastic then yeah my understanding it would be a great game for you.. But warning- that learning curve can eat you up if you let it lol, you'll probably die alot more than expected Razz I even died alot more than expected, Its not a normal FPS or anything youve been used to, theres so many ways you can die lol, you always have to be thinking, no way is this a normal run and shoot only multiplayer game lol.

Warhawk is a blast. Up to 4 player split screen online/offline too, so if you have buddies, they can play with you, (though not on the SCEA servers because theyre ranked, and having friends isnt really fair for ranked matches lol). Basically if you happen to be in an unranked match, a friend sits down, gets comfy, and hits start -> bam, he's in the game.
Here is something I want to know about this game. While playing warhawks then session ended and I got this message:

An Admin has kicked you from the server, 2 more and you are banned.

When I saw this I was like.. What the...?..

After that, I would try to join games and it took like until the 27th game I tried to join to finally get connected to a game and play. All the other ones would just say:

Unable to join the game. I don't know why I got this message by the admin, whatever that means. I haven't played this game that long. Oh, I was playing on a split screen with 2 friends if that makes any difference. Just want to know when this would happen and if I am temporarily banned.
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