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Anyone who uses this thing? I forgot the link site but this is just so cool.. It creates a virtual LAN. I just wana know who's using hamachi here.. maybe we can play DotA and the like..
i use hamachi.. i just started using it 2 days ago n its already causing network problems, it acts as a dhcp and gives out class A ip addressed (subnet mask of but my router is configured to a class C ip (subnet mask of and i prefer using class C but i cant seem to get the dhcp client on hamachi to stop, anybody know how?
check their forum =)

i usually use this for the hidden, or used it for the hidden, since i couldnt connect with my brother or cousin.
ye but its very strange how it wouldnt let me connect while i was on lan, windows file sharing would work and i could obviously ping both PCs but hamachi wouldnt even ping neither of the PCs, wat im trying to say is that hamachi should be more user friendly and allow more tweaking for advanced users, it really annoyed me with the dhcp crap especially when my server is monitorless and i connect to it through remote desktop, VERY annoying. other than that hamahci is very good no more probs that ive found - yet..
hamachi is the greatest piece of software since opera, i simply can't find a game that doesen't work over hamachi, i can play starcraft, ut... (but i got it for apprentice) with my friends and we dont have to connect to original servers and stuff
yea i understand its perfect for gaming.. but it kind of screwed up my dhcp over my network, it should have a function to allow more configurations
i also use Hamachi.... its COOL!!!!
do you use it for gaming purposes? or filesharing over internet?
File sharing? Oh, that's a good idea, haven't thought about that before.
isnt that ware are forbidden in this forum??
well nvm..
i use it too.. for file sharing perpose.. but use in for game once in a blue moon for diablo 2.

a good method of file sharing exp document and picture
no good in gaming cause it promote piratecy in gaming....
actually it just creates a virtual lan, that has nothing to do with piracy
When Rise of Legends first came out we couldn't get it to work over the online service. Hamachi saved the day until they put a patch out.
I have hamachi on one of my computers and it's pretty cool. I usually use it to play my friends iTunes library on my iTunes. But I've also played games like AoE (Age of Empires) over the virtual LAN.

The thing is that I'm not sure I'd trust anyone that I don't know on there, so I'm only gonna use it with my friends. I wouldn't want anyone hacking me now would I Razz
Hamachi won't work with my corporate proxy Crying or Very sad
Well... ya. It shouldn't. Thank god it doesn't.

If anybody else is having issues using this at home, try using the "magic option". Just set it to a valid port number (random four digit number will do) and port forward it in your router. That has effectively eliminated any issues I had connecting with friends. (issues present themselves as yellow lights) If you have multiple computers on your home network that you want to connect with, just use different magic option numbers and port forward accordingly.
i use hamachi.we plays counter strike and age of empires 2. Laughing
no one gave the link before;

by using hamachi, you can create and join servers, and your PC will think (!) that your server-mates are connected (LAN: Local Area Network). You can play all the games supporting multiplayer LAN gaming as long as versions of your and your server-mates' games are the same.
Do you think it can do something woith net of my inet provider ? Sometimes when i use it my intzernet stops...
Do you think it can do something woith net of my inet provider ?

Sometimes when i use it my intzernet stops...
Could be a faulty router. It has nothing to do with your ISP.
Man, maybe its just bad luck, but my friend has same ISP and sometimes when we want to use Hamachi internet sops working both of us. And the second problem is, that we cannot reach each other without that special option in Hamachi that makes ping unusable and speed too.

We are both connected by Wi-Fi and i have router, but internet doesnt work after restarting router or AP. But after some time it starts working.
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