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Feed The Hungry By Playing Word Games


As an example of internet "viral" marketing my usual response would be to cringe and ignore it however, this is actually for a good cause and is a moderately amusing waste of time. Smile

Basically for every word you know (or guess) the meaning of, this company will donate 10 grains of rice to the poor. Not a massive amount I know, there are about 37000 grains in a kilogram, but let's be honest you're bored anyway so you might as well be bored for a good cause!

I just had quick go and did 100 questions (1000 grains) quite easily, so another 36 frihosters and that's a kilogram for a hungry person.
Plus it's fun! I'd play the game anyway even if it wasn't for a good cause.

That's cool Razz

That's really, really cool Very Happy
If the game is cool and since it feeds the hungry I will give the word games a try. I hope I will be able to provide the hungry with some amount of grain Smile
if it was the helicopter game, or that jetman game on book i would of donated enough to feed a continent
lol... they have this in facebook as well...

honestly, i'm not sure if it really goes through >_>
i mean, i don't see their point of it.
Some doubt if it's actually giving the rice.

But for me, hey, free vocab game! =)
This is very interesting.
It says my vocabulary is between 35 and 36.
I do wonder if they have actually donated any rice yet?
Maybe they ought to put up some pictures or other proof of a donation.
This really is awesome and the game is challenging too! Razz
I hate you.

You just wasted 45 minutes of my life, at least.

But on the plus side, I did get 2000 grains of rice! Very Happy It's a challenging game, I thought I knew a lot of words, but some of these really baffled me.
Thats pretty cool. I played it for a few minutes and got 1000 grains of rice. I might even come back to it every few days to try to increase my vocabulary.
Wow there are topics about this site on every message board I go to, as in a trillion. Razz
I knew alot of them. It is a good time waster. I would really only do this because it feeds the hungery, and i am very sensitive to homeless people. Especially war veterans who get no respect even though they fought in wars. (Vietnam). Embarassed

I only did only 130 grains today.
ninjakannon wrote:
I hate you.

You just wasted 45 minutes of my life, at least.

I got stumped on the level 46 words, dammit. But I did do a little over 2000 grains.
This is a good site! It's a win-win for everyone. The company probably makes a lot of money from their advertisers because of all the hits they get and they get those hits from advertising a good cost. I only hope that it's a legit site and that they actually do donate the food.
LOL!!! me and my friends actually played this last week.. we sat there for 4 hours playing that while listening to music.. I had like... a vocab level of 40 or sommit like that and considering i failed grade 10 english lol... but thats cuz i didnt hand in assignments. My mate had 53 for vocab , and my other mate had 10 - 15ish (lol) but we got like... i cant even remember now .. over 4000 grains each. Its very addicting.

Oooh.. also .. im sure they do donate the rice, just read some of the pages on their site.
I think this web site is really nice but I don't think that people will play enough to pay rice to a lot of childs.
[FuN]goku wrote:
My mate had 53 for vocab.

The highest vocabulary level is 50: wrote:
There are 50 levels in all, but it is rare for people to get above level 48.

Me and a friend got to level 50. Very Happy
Only donated around 200 grains so far, but then again I'm not home right now, and my time is limited here. I'll try this again after I get home.

Nice find! If they're really donating rice then I might spend a good while here. Good way of testing my english vocabulary as well Laughing
ninjakannon wrote:
[FuN]goku wrote:
My mate had 53 for vocab.

The highest vocabulary level is 50: wrote:
There are 50 levels in all, but it is rare for people to get above level 48.

Me and a friend got to level 50. Very Happy
is it? meh maybe he misread it.. XD we were in a competition and we were going fast so yeah he probly misread it for 43 or something Wink
pll wrote:
I think this web site is really nice but I don't think that people will play enough to pay rice to a lot of childs.

I must disagree... it's fun, the rules are simple, and it's free to play. Even if you do badly, you're going to learn something potentially useful. That's a combination that's very hard to resist.

It also would be an excellent tool for teachers with internet-accessible computers in the classroom. You could even make it a competitive challenge, by playing it hotseat, for example:
Somebody keeps track of how many words each person gets right. When a player misses a word, the next person in line takes over, until everybody has a turn. Whoever gets the most words right wins.

I imagine there's going to be English teachers jumping all OVER anything that makes vocabulary-building fun, and for a good cause, too. That could translate into a LOT of rice.
I've played it and donated 7k rice

You both help other people, and improve your English skills with widening your vocabulary (hope I spelled it right)

Thanks for the game.
Amazing. Good find. I donated 1k so far. I'm gonna play on this site a lot during my winter break. But I'll also try to play every day a little while. Mostly on the weekends, though.

It's a good combination: building and expanding your vocabulary, and you're also donating food to the poor.
I donated 1000 grains and got a vocab level of 38.

It is a very professional site. I choose to believe it is on the up-and-up.

I donated 500 grains today, with a highest vocab level of 45, but mostly hovering around 43.

Did you guys all notice that there are banners that can be installed on your websites?

I am going to do this. Like you all say, it's a really good waste of time, is likely going to a good cause, and how can it ever be bad to improve your vocabulary?

Thanks for the link.

WOW, that's really a cool site! you help others while also helping yourself. whoever made that is brilliant.
Phew!! Seeing responses here, i think I have a very poor vocab. I just managed 920 grains & till 15 level only.

EDIT: Well after posting it I could not control myself from not playing it again. This time I managed 1020 grains.
I love this. I have donated over 3k. It is fun, amusing, a good thing to do when u r bored and it ACTUALLY helps people around the world!!! I would recomend it 2 ANYBODY!!! Cool Cool Very Happy Very Happy Cool Cool
Best thing about this is that it helps people so you don't have to worry about cheating at it since it goes to a good cause and all. I was using Google to define my words. Wink I donated 1120 before I quit. I will definately play this for a while when I am bored for now on.

Thanks for the link!!!! Razz
this would be great for schools - not only can you increase your vocabulary but you also get to give food to people in third world countries.
I devoted about 30 minutes... that very good idea, it's my new relaxation while make donation at the same time. Laughing

Thanks a lot for the link. Wink
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