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[Resolved] Does she still have feelings for her ex?

I have a small issue with my girlfriend right now. So, I would appreciate responses from members who have experience in relationships. Smile The other night I lent my computer to her for the night, she returned it the next morning because I needed it back.
When I gave my laptop to her, I asked her not to use firefox (because I had work in firefox), she used it, so I was curious to know what she did with it, so I checked the history for the day she borrowed it.
And it turns out she had read some of my MSN chat logs. Though I have nothing to hide, she really had no right to read them (but it would've been nice if she told me about or at least asked), in any case, I checked the rest of my laptop, to find out that she has and uses a secondary MSN address for messaging.
And my system ended up logging her conversations also (I did not set anything up to log her conversations). So, I took the liberty of reading them, and most are to guys she used to date, but, 1 in particular, though she never literally says "I love you" or "I miss you" or send a "kiss" emoticon or anything to this person, things might be a little fishy?
Because from what she's told me, she's been really upset and hurt by this guy from cheating on her and to my knowledge has had not a whole lot of contact with him. Well, tonight, I found out otherwise, she's almost reached her cell texting limit because of texting this guy back and forth.
In the chat log, I found her sending a "hug" and "love emoticons? and, on top of that, I looked at the times the chats were recorded, and she signed out of the address she uses to talk to me with at around 11PM (stating she was tired and was going to sleep).
So, after she signs out, she signs in using her other address, and talks with her ex for well over an hour. I've gone through hell to be with her, and I'd do anything for her, for her to be happy.
And though I'd really hate to loose her, if she'd rather be with her ex, I'll accept that. I'm not possessive. I don't try to be. I'm just worried that she may still have feelings for this guy and/or that possibly she's playing me?
But, something that might negate the above is that last month, she had in her one MSN name, " you I will always be faithful..." directed towards me, but that was before all the above happened.
Is it possible that I was just over analyzing or making something out of nothing?
Those of you who read this and are willing to reply, please do so in a quick mannor. I'm going to talk to her about these findings in about 10 and 1/2 hours from posting this.
Whatever happens, both of you need a lil' honesty, I'd say. I know it's not easy, but you two need to sit down and talk. You won't solve that kind of "problems" asking on internet. Because hiding things and secrets can't be solid ground for a good relationship.
I know. After I found out what she had done/said, I told her via a text message that we need to talk, in person (also I've lost a lot of sleep over this already). So, today we're going to meet up in person at our local library. While we're there, we're going to get this resolved.
Because I know full well that solid relationships can't survive with lies and secrets.
The issue has been resolved. She's not cheating on me and although she cares of her ex, she doesnt have romantic feelings for him. And, also she understands where she trespassed on my chat logs, and she's sorry for not telling me about what she did. As far as the second MSN account, it was one that she created a few months ago to go into a chat room and she doesn't use it hardly ever anymore. She's promised that she's not going to ever do what she did again. So, everything has been cleared up, and in fact, our relationship reached a new level of strength today.
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