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You like playing the online game?

I like playing the online game very much ~ because online plays may
know friend ~ therefore the on-line game is I most likes
rainbow8888 wrote:
I like playing the online game very much ~ because online plays may
know friend ~ therefore the on-line game is I most likes

Uhh I think I understand. Yes I do like online game. However pretty much every game I won is an "online" game. Do you mean a server play, direct connect, flash games or soemhtign like a mmorpg?
u love online game the only games i have ar mmorpg
im addicted to only game ^^
you guys should play
its really a good game..
nah.. dont play runescape.. try ragnarok online, wow..
Try playing Rakion. It is a great game, still buggy but free. It is good because it is third person, and not just click to attack, you move around and can do special moves Smile
The only online games that I ever got into were MUDs, and then only ones where roleplaying was enforced. I just ran into too many people on other games that only cared about winning and didn't play fair games. Take sports games, for instance, with everything from glitches that the AI can't deal with to pausing and never unpausing or simply quitting in the middle of a game, it just sucks. I would rather play with a friend that some anonomous online player anyway where there are bragging rights to be had.
yea i like it.. u can meet people from all over the world..

i play Americas Army.. Smile
Pirouz wrote:
Try playing Rakion. It is a great game, still buggy but free. It is good because it is third person, and not just click to attack, you move around and can do special moves Smile

I love playing online game too. I like playing with people around the wrold.

Played Rakion too. But now it is closed. The only online game I played now is Maple Story.
Most PC games i own, are online play.

But i have many different genres.

I play
MMORPGS : Guild Wars, Irth Online etc
FPS : Counter Strike Source, Halo, F.E.A.R
RTS: Warhammer Dawn of War

All of which i enjoy Laughing

Most games are better to play with friends.
i do but now i have better games to play such as Baldur's gate, Baldur's gate II, Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics (brotherhood of steel), Morrowind. But i need help about BG. u can see it in marketplace.
offline game is also interesting and fun.because it make us to find program's fault and foolish ,it's very funny.
yes, actually i dont play games that doesnt have a online part... i think the best online game ever is cs 1.5 Smile
you should play DO online. Man that is just such the best game I have ever played!
ilike play zh online - cs - lord of the rings battel for middel earth !! and warcraft - age of empier ! Exclamation
i'm playing only online games ^^ (maybe only Heroes Of Might And Magic i play singal) online is more fun ppl playing it's harder but u can meet nice people and to be friend with them real fun!
I like online rpg games... I am playing rxjh...
Build your own online game, then its cool!
i dont like most of the game like MU
becose they all the saim
but flash games are nice
Before WOW (World Of Warcraft) was finished, I played COD and Unreal Tournament. Those are good games but I liked COD better, more tactics and the little different in connection speed won't affect the number of kill much.
While in UT, just a little lag could make you lose your target and shoot elsewhere, simply because the gamepace is so fast.

Nowday, I play WOW, because its online and its RPG. I can meet alot of people, build a guild and all.
I love Online Multiplayer games
I have made so many friends in them and brought so many other friends into it.
I have a group of friends that pretty much follow me from beta to beta of each MMO i play, LoLz
Anyone here remmebr that KungFu Online game or w/e
OH and that Mankind game was looking really kewl last time i played Very Happy
I like OnlineGame a lot.

The current OL game I am playing is Mabinogi from DevCat Studio.
I saw some friends talked about WOW.

WOW is a game based on Western literature and culture. Personally speaking, WOW does not fit Oriental player very much. The essence of WOW is difficult to understand by Asian players. Wink
I think online games are the trend of future..I play MU,ww2,Knight Online and many more games like GunzOnline...and some small games.
Online gaming is cooler than ofline playing your skills are upgrading online
Since RTCW I never played single player game so - YES I LIKE MP's's just so much better feeling to fight agains't a "real" opponent who's not limited with low AI now a days.
I love Online Games
I have made so many friends in them and brought so many other friends into it
Hello there

I'm kinda addicted to only games... i love particulary MMORPG..

I started with SWG (Starwars galaxies) then i went on EQ2 and at last i tried WoW...
I love to play with other players... i mean... i dont like to be on my map alone with nobody to talk with or to play with Smile

i was playing Diablo2 once i got an internet connection i went ONLINE on the Battlenet server ... (pretty laggy by the way :p )

i thing the one i liked most was EQ2... wow is fun but for me once you got a char lvl 60 and you made every instances for 20 lvl 60 peeps... if you don't have a BIG guild, you can't do anything more... (i'm on a french server and that's it.. :'( )
Halo all the way you guys....Halo 2 anyways and runescape is a good game......for free though....World Of Warcraft is okay but I don't like to pay monthly for things like that.
I love playing online games! Because you're playing with uknown and real people the game is more fun!
I love playing online games, instead of just getting a computer controlled player that has certian paramaters you get to play with a real person who can makes consious decisions. Take PvP for example if your fighting against an AI controlled character it's actions are pretty predictable and it can get boring easily, but if it's a person behind the character then then you start to see stratagies and tactics emerging.
Online games are good because you can talk with other pepople from other cities and countries....
You can also play with your friend and relatives....
But dont forget....
Dont play too much Wink
Not good for your eyes Crying or Very sad
man online games r obviosly the best games
the there r game that r single player and multiplayer and multiplayer online which make the game more interesting for sure
i personally play ut2004 runescape stronghold crusaeder spliter cell starwars doom 3 and lot of other games
when u playen against someone is much different than playen alone so its easer to have fun cos if u kill him its much more of a challlange and he is alive so u can talk to him chat and share experience and nice shots or nice try that make the game cool
single player dont have these things so they have to rely on fun in a different way but harder like san anderas its a ig game but still u get ored of it after a while multiplayer games can last much longer c os they r more fun
i finf its more real, not online is PC and online are people and you can make friends, good reason !!
I don't like online games. They tend to not be as fun as 1player games (in my opinion), my internet speed sucks too much to play them anyway.
I can not tell particularly about an online of game, but network games to me like. From an online, only Ragnarok Online. Many factors here have played. Wink
From network I like still step-by-step, for example games by e-mail. Well and sometimes and FPS. Smile
I love playing online games too!
Like someone mentioned in another post, I love MABINOGI.
It's a Korean online game, but I think English speaking, chinese,taiwanese, and Japanese versions were developed too.
So, try it! It's the best game ever~ Strongly recommend!
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