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Error 500

when i am posting some articles in my phpbb2 forum hosted here sometimes i am getting internal server error 500

whats that? Question
i have noticed that when i am getting these errors.whenever i am trying to post long messages in the forum then only i am getting this errors.plz someone help me because my forum members are also facing this problem. Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
utsav2707 wrote:
Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
too many smileys!!!

how long messages does the script crash at?

enable gzip in ACP and try again.
i am having the same error on my wordpress installation too.when i am trying to save long posts on it and same is with my phpbb2 installation.

when i am posting around 6-7 lines then it is showing error and saying

internal server error 500
contact the webmaster for details by telling the time of its occurence and what would u may have done that could have created this error
How long have you had this wordpress/phpBB instalation online? Has it always had this problem or did it just start?
it has been a week that i started both of these but i am facing the problems from the begining itself.u can also check the error by posting something long in my forum and u will get the error.i am really confused what could be the problem. Sad
which type of suppot forum is one to help me to cure the problem Sad Sad Sad Sad
We can't support you if we don't know how to fix it. I myself have never encountered this problem and from some of these replies, neither has anyone else.

I had no problems posting a long post using either the normal reply or the quick reply.

Check your error.log file.
Hi, i get an server error 500 everytime i install or try to install a script. Iīm hosted on server 1 and my site is

please try to run the script in

any help would be appreciated
check this screenshot
help me to sort the problem is very annoying Sad
again this error is making me mad.whenever i am trying to add a mod to the forum or writing long posts in wordpress or the forum then it is giving an internal server error. Mad

please do something. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
where is the web hosting support. Question Question Question Question

Do something please Crying or Very sad
I am having the problem from so many days
but no one is here to help.i am still getting the error.i am not joking
Perhaps they dont know how to fix it since your image link goes to Not a bigger picture of the image?
it's not about the image. Probably your files are corrupt or you changed something in the files. The only way I think you could solve this is by replacing all your files with the original phpBB files. Also you could try to upgrade to phpBB3 that would also most likely solve your problem.
Did you check your error.log file like I previously suggested and the error tells you to do?
This kind of error can sometimes (but not always) be caused by a problem with your .htaccess file. Open your file manager (or use FTP) and copy the existing .htaccess file to somewhere safe. Next, delete the original .htaccess file then create a new (empty) file with the same name. This may help restore operation to your site - you will then need to test each line in the original .htaccess file to see which is causing the problem.

Please note, however, that an internal server error can be caused by many other problems - this may or may not rectify the issue.

Hope this helps anyway.
I am getting this error on both my wordpress and phpbb2 installation and i reinstalled both many times but it didnt solved my problem
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