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New music site.

Hey guys, did not see this posted anywhere in the music section after my search. This is a pretty cool streaming music "service".

I heard about it on Mashable, it a new music search engine and internet jukebox called You can't upload play lists or store your music there, but it's more instant gratification music. Basically, you go there, search for a song, and then play it right then and there. You don't own it, but you can build a play list each time visit the site. The music is streamed to you, so you can't save it or download it, or even buy it. You can't even save your play list because they don't let you create an account (at least not yet). This is a fun way to listen to music that you don't necessarily want in your traditional music library.

I use it basically for cheesy songs that are in my head, that I can't bring myself to own.

Http:// and the code you need to enter is mashableza

Tell me what you guys think.
After trying it out for a while...

Sure you can save the stuff Songza is streaming!
Everything goes into the cache. (Temporary Internet Files)
The songs are actually videos being pulled from YouTube; Songza's flash player is just playing the audio without showing the video part.

All ya gotta do is look in your IE Temporary Internet Files folder,
(as in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\) locate the "get_video" file, copy it to your desktop, add the .flv extension to it and... bingo!
You've got yerself a music video. Wink

(Of course, you've gotta have a program that'll play .flv videos - I highly recommend FLV Player.
It's simple, free, to-the-point and doesn't hog all of your system resources.)
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