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Body Harvest (N64)

Hey All,

Here is a quick review of a game I loved when I was younger.

Here is the basic premise of the game: Time hero preventing alien harvests. Different time lines = different vehicles. This game was very well thought out. The harvesting wall alone adds very much to the story. (A shield boundary that you can't pass.) As you progress through the game you get newer weapons and vehicles of that time period. Its rewarding when you stumble across a tank and then in turn wreak havoc on all aliens that you come to. Planes,boats,bikes, firetrucks you name it this game has that vehicle. This game sounds great also. You can hear the rifle reverb, all vechicles sound different and it has very interesting mood music. This game is very interactive which is why I like it so much. As you beat bosses and levels you can wrap back any time you want. A simple touch is that you can turn on or off all candles,lanterns,torches and lights in the buildings. You have to pull switches block windmills and at one point, use a fire truck to put out a fire. Ripping through the jungle in your jeep.. OHHH sheeet. to fast. You ditch it into a pond. There is one less jeep you can drive.

This game is an orginal game idea that always earns bonus points. And it was done very well.
To sum it up: I like the levels, all the vechiles, and the graphics of mutalating an alien with a machine gun on the tank. The puzzle aspect is also great.

Some people are way too tough on this game. It's a worthy classic. 4 1/2

keep it real...
haha i actually remember watching a friend play this. well, this was only because he couldn't find the expansion pack for perfect dark, so we resorted to body harvest lol.

the only thing i remember it was a little awkward guy shooting aliens or something >_<
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