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CJ Henderson (Awesome Guy) "The Things That Are Not The

Hey All,

This is an excellent book from an awesome guy. I had the pleasure of meeting CJ Henderson this past weekend at a gaming convention in Pennsylvania. He was selling most of his works there but also took over 3 hours out of his busy schedule to just sit and chat with myself and 2 friends. The 4 of us even played the Heroquest boardgame together. It was an awesome time and I'll remember the weekend forever. CJ also told us stories from his childhood and gave us advice for our futures. Anyways, moving on to my short review of CJ Henderson's "Things That Are Not There".
During the convention, I bought "The Things That Are Not There" because the cover was so wicked looking. This novel ably demonstrates the considerable literary talents possessed by C. J. Henderson. It's as if H. P. Lovecraft pulled up a chair next to Mr. Henderson's writing desk and collaborated in the creation of this hardboiled supernatural mystery. The story: Teddy London runs New York City's number one private detective agency--well, he did until his office was destroyed by a storm conjured by demons. But Teddy's still in top-notch form, and his new client is a beautiful woman who is being pursued by winged monsters who plan to use her to allow them entry to a portal that will swallow the world in a maelstrom of madness. Teddy is prepared to do battle with the forces of evil, and mankind is dependant upon his victory. This is an ingeniously plotted whirlwind of a novel written with brio and peopled by unforgettable characters. Plus, this is the novel that introduces one of Mr. Henderson's most beloved characters, Lai Wan. Lai Wan is a psychometrist, which means she can read the souls of humans and the history of objects through tactile contact. When Teddy London realizes he needs help to battle the monsters threatening our planet, the beautiful Asian psychometrist, Lai Wan, is sent to join him in battle against the winged hordes. This is a thrilling supernatural escapade that leaves the reader breathless and eager for more Teddy London!

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