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Long beeps, sudden resets, keyboard trouble and short beeps


I have a 2 year old AMD Athlon desktop with a Gigabyte motherboard and 256 mb of RAM (DDR)

Some months back it wouldn't start up and would just give long beeps.(from the motherboard (cabinet) speaker) It would not even reach the Power on Self Test phase.

Then i opened it up and just moved thr RAm and then it started up normally.

Recently, it sometimes just resets when I move the mouse after it is in sleep mode.

And also, sometimes the keyboard refuses to work. And when i pull the keyboard from the socket and put it back a few times, sometimes it starts working.

And sometimes, for no particular reason, when the computer is working normally, it gives a single short beep from the motherboard (cabinet) speakers.

Anybody who can help with this problem ?
Seems you have got a problem with your mother board...
When bios cannot boot the pc to visual level it produces long beeps as error codes. You will have to count the beeps/observe the pattern and try to match it with the error codes tables, something like this

Make sure you tally the correct bios manufacturer first like award or amibios.

Other thing you can try is take out your ram and rub the edges softly with an Pencil eraser to clear any carbon/dust. I've seen this problem in many pcs.
It worked when I cleaned the RAM. But now my keyboard has stopped working Embarassed

I have to get it replaced I guess.
Great that it worked, You can get a new keybaord they are very cheap now days. But would be better if you make sure its a keyboard problem and not motherboard/pc problem by trying a friends keyboard may be.
its good to know that worked, but it would be better if you get a new keyboard and after fixing the new keyboard check for beeps and make a note of it as in the number of beeps and the pattern of them and then visit the website below to see where lies the error

i think that should solve your problem

anything further let us know here
Embarassed A strange thing, but the keyboard has now mysteriously recovered.

And when I thought the all was fine, the computer did another of those sudden resets.

I have a UPS which can keep the computer on even it power fails for a while, so I guess it is either in the CPU's power supply or the motherboard.

The computer just simply switches off and reboots like the power failed and came back. Crying or Very sad

But its working fine most of the time
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