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Any opinion on this?

OK, so I'm going to be completely open.

I'm in love for the first time.
We are so similar and so different at the same time, its weird.

His name is Tom. He's the same age as me, 17 (although I'm older). He's 6'4, I'm 5'9 lol. He is seriously/terminally ill, as am I.

So, how did we meet?
basically, a lot of people like to say things about me that are usually un-true. Some guy ("Liam") who I don't know/who doesn't know me was calling me a wh*re. My friend Mel who was there with Tom at the time was trying to defend me, telling him that I wasn't, that he should just shut up. Liam kept on saying stuff about me, kept on insulting me. Tom warned him to shut up, and he didn't, so in the end he punched him in the face, breaking his nose in two places.
At this point I didn't know Tom. He had heard a lot about me from Mel and had saw me around but thats it. Mel told me what had happened, and I asked her to say thanks to him. In the end I said thanks to him over MSN, and it all started from there.
So we dated, what have you. I found out a lot about him over a quick period of time, and fell in love with him even quicker. I knew I loved him from a very early stage. he found out that I loved him first. Then he told me he loved me, right before he fell into a coma. I was not impressed.

So yeah. Out the coma he came, thank god. There's been numerous other occasions that this has happened since though. A few weeks ago he went to America to see specialists in AZ. The centre is 30-or-so miles away from his real fathers house so he is living with him and his step family for the time being (he was adopted around 4yrs old. his adoptive father died at 14yrs old. his mother was in a coma the same time as him. when Tom came out of it, he decided to switch off her life support machine).

Now, Tom used to be quite a man-slut, sleeping with at least a few girls/guys a week, sometimes a day. However, since we met he hasn't slept with anyone, and has instead pushed them away.

We class ourselves as being in a relationship with each other. And we love each other dearly. It is not known what the future helds for us both because of our ill health. Its suspected that he will be in the US at least a year, probably more, until he's able to come back. If he doesn't get the attention that the US are giving him then he will die within 3-4months. I've been giving 1-2months (we both think otherwise of course) ...

So, I'm planning on waiting for him, and him for me. We don't cheat. We tell each other of any people that like us, of anyone that comes on to us, etc, etc. We've spoke about waiting for each other, and we are both willing to do so.

However. Both of us are starting to think maybe we should just enjoy life, and the fact that we're not tied-down. Saying that, we are both extremely jealous people when it comes to people coming on to either of us but at the same time feel that we'd have to tell the other person about anything sexual that has happened in our lifes ...

Tom wouldn't do the dating thing with anyone else, but he would ****** them.
I on the other hand tend to date people. And then possibly have sex further on in the relationship, but not beforehand.

Anyways, I've gone on enough.

Do you think as it currently is our long distance relationship can last?
Or do you think it would be better if we decided to stay in contact, but to see what else is out there?
We know for a fact that when he gets back we will be together. So, until that happens, should we just enjoy ourselves a little?

In my opinion, wait for each other although you don't think or have the feeling that you may not live enough to meet again. I know that you both want to enjoy the remaining of your lives... but if you believe in fate, you should wait. If one of you can't make it... then may be you weren't meant to be together. And in case you both made it... then you kept something special for each other...
wumingsden wrote:
he found out that I loved him first. Then he told me he loved me, right before he fell into a coma. I was not impressed.

Ha, this made me laugh Razz

Regarding your situation, as i see it if you truly love this man then you're not going to be happy seeing/dating anybody else. If either of you do find someone else, the other person is going to be jealous, even though you've decided upon it. That is just human instinct.

My advice is spent the time you have together in the best way you can. If you don't, and one of you dies, the other will be heartbroken that they didn't spend their last few weeks with the one they loved the most.

Hope it all works out in the end.
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