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What do you think about the gPhone Buzz?

There is a bunch of talk about the google phone and it's estimated release in the fall of next year. Is this a good move by google and how many would like to have a google phone?
Google Phone? To be perfectly honest I hadn't heard of it. Anyway I doubt I or anyone else in my family would get it. I'm sure it'll be just as expensive if not more expensive than the iPhone. It's probably another gimmick similar to Apple's to get more money and to keep up with the competition.

Sooner or later we'll probably have a YahooPhone too. :p
Gheeez whizz man, it's no gPhone, it's only an OPERATING SYSTEM for PHONES!!! There will BE NO gPhone and Google itself has confirmed this. I think codename for it is Android or something.

But yeah expect to see it next year, should be good. Nokia hasn't turned down partnership with Google phone OS yet so we will have to wait and see.

Too many companies trying to get their fingers on the industry!!
Yes its not an actual phone but an operating system for phones, like Windows Mobile. Googles new mobile OS is called Android. The SDK is out and they are offering 10 million dollars in prize money for the best applications people can make for the OS. This is a great incentive to kick of a huge wave of development by people. I can't wait to see what kind of apps people create for Android.
Aless wrote:
Too many companies trying to get their fingers on the industry!!

Surely because it's really lucrative.
I think it's cool that it's a consortium and all opensource and creative commons or whatnot, but until I actually see a phone and see what it does and see if it does it well, it's hard to say how it will all turn out. It's fairly certain they'll come up with a half-decent phone, but will it be a BETTER phone?

The world wonders.

(I'll probably wind up getting one anyways, though. Verrily.)
For now its an OS but if there ever was a GPHONE i bet there'll be people camping outside the shops weeks in advance. To tell the truth i don't understand the thing. Why go to such lengths and then sell the thing because it didn't have enough features!
Oh... there are 10 million dollars in prize money for the best application for the OS... it sounds great.. I think so many people would like to join the competition and we could get nice application on our phone soon..
Google have always been the best in delivering the Google products. I believe the phone that google brings will be the outstanding one. Hopefully i can even stand tall before iPhone. Surely i will get one goodle phone if they are launching soon. I am expecting great applications that comes with google phone. Lets hope for the best.
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