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Nvidia 8800GT

Has been out a while now (week or so) and aI decided I best post about it.

Badically, the latest NVidia Card for the 8 series that has not been made to be crap or excessively good. Just right for alot of systems.

The 8800GT is to sit between the 8800GTS 640mb and the 8800GTX. It is a fraction more than the price of the 8800GTS and a tiny fraction less performing than th GTX (EMPHASIS on tiny, sort specs out perform the GTX). Basically really annoying for those who bought a GTS.

The 8800 GTS was determines to be not brilliant at DX10 which it had raved about after hitting very low fps in Call of Juarez benchmarker. After this, Nivida made the GT to be a much higher performance DX10 card. It works.

The GT is the size of only one slot (PCIxE) and uses less power than the GTS/GTX. An excellent card.

I have my order in for one.

Are you serious? GeForce 8800 GTS has been out for more than seven months now as far as I can remember. See this:

I guess this is just one of those "just-post-it" posts (whatever that means)...
It's a best-buy at the moment, if you ask me. The best price-performance card around.
That's going to be the most sold card in few months. It just need to get a little bit more cheap so almost everyone will be able to buy it.
This really is an excellent card. It runs cooler and it has a single-slot size cooler as compared to my 8800GTS's double-slot size cooler. Performance-wise, it beats the G80 version of 8800GTS even though it is cheaper. By the way, I heard there's another G92 version of 8800GTS coming soon. If 8800GT can beat the G80 version of 8800GTS, I wonder if the G92 version of 8800GTS could beat the current 8800GTX when it is released. Rolling Eyes
It's a really solid card, and I like the cooler design and how it takes up only one slot. At the moment, they're selling for about $270, although the MSRP is closer to $200. Resellers have increased the price because of the high demand, so you can get an even better deal after the demand goes down. One thing that really is interesting is that this is 7% slower than the GTX, however you can get get two of these for the price of a GTX. So, if you get a SLI setup with two 8800 GT's, you've got yourself something that is 30% more powerful than the GTX in some games (7% slower in some other games). Quite a nice deal if you ask me. It's also the first card to use PCI-E 2.0, although this doesn't mean much now.

I don't think this card will stay ahead of the GTS for much longer, since the GTS refresh is due soon, and I expect it to beat the GT...and possibly the current GTX.
Do read before you post @ djclue917

It must say 8800GT about 5 times which has not been out 'for about 7 months' and yes, I am serious.

Also, I 'just-posted-it' because no-one else had 'just-posted-it'

For the rest of the sensible posters, tis indeed a ver nice card but with ATUI 3 serious / Nvidia 9 series, who knows what is to come soon.
if the 9 series come out around christmas, then not only will this bad boy decrease in price because of 9 series, but also christmas deals

im hoping to maybe get one for around like $150 by christmas from newegg Very Happy
The 8800GT beats the 3870 and the 2900 from ATI/AMD hands down in nearly all of the reviews I have read. The 3870 is supposed to be cheaper though. But not by much, I have seen the difference as low as 25 ($50US). I guess when your spend over 140 on a GPU then an extra 20 is well worth it. Especially for the difference in performance.

I have also read that at 1248x1024 the GT performs as close to the performance as a GTX. Right now the 8800GT is a high performance card at silly prices.

I am getting one tomorrow. It is made by Sparkle. Not my number one choice of brands, but at least it isn't overclocked like all the other 8800GT's that are on the market right now. In fact I have done well to source a place that actually has these cards in stock in the UK.

Things are not looking good for AMD. Their CPU's are getting hammered by Intel and now their GPUs are getting hammered by nVidia.
The 8800GT beats the 3870 and the 2900 from ATI/AMD hands down in nearly all of the reviews I have read.

Hmm... Shocked
I'll be glad to look at thoose tests. If you can - post, please the links. The only tests, that I've seen untill now were on:
Radeon HD 3850 670/1660 256-bit, 256mb DDR3.
GeForce 8800 GT 600/1800 256-bit, 512mb DDR3.
Both of the cards were tested in games:
World in Conflict:
* High quality, 2AA/2AF, 1024x768
* High quality, 2AA/2AF, 1280x1024
* High quality, 2AA/2AF, 1600x1200

Need for Speed Pro Street Demo:
* Max quality, no AA/AF, 1024x768
* Max quality, no AA/AF, 1280x1024
* Max quality, no AA/AF, 1600x1200

Crysis Single Player Demo:
* Medium graphics, no AA/AF, 1024x768
* Medium graphics, no AA/AF, 1280x1024
* Medium graphics, no AA/AF, 1600x1200

In the first case GeForce 8800 GT showed better results then Radeon HD 3850 in every resolution.
The second one - GeForce FPS result wasn't playable at all (11~12 FPS) probably because of bad game optimisation, or drivers.
The third case - in lowest resolution (1024x768) Radeon HD 3850 showed better results then GeForce 8800 GT, and lost only one frame in highest resolution (GF 28/40,9 < HD 23/39,3).
All this info you can find in review on ---> Rest of the tests from the same resource.
One more review in --->Page with tests.

In both reviews GeForce 8800 GT had bigger memory size, that is why it leads in most of high level graphic tests!

Now lets check differenses between Radeon HD 3850 and HD 3870:

----------------- Radeon HD 3850 || Radeon HD 3870 || Radeon HD 2900XT || GeForce 8800 GT
Engine Clock_____670Mhz_________775Mhz____________740Mhz__________680Mhz
Memory Clock____1,66Ghz________2,25Ghz____________1,65Ghz__________2,00Ghz

P.S. Awaiting for tests Radeon HD 3870 Crossfire/GeForce 8800 GT SLI mode.

After all thoose reviews and tables I'm in doubt if this really successfull middle-end videocard (not like poor 8600/2600 and worse) GeForce 8800 GT can hammer Radeon HD 3870 Confused

The last point - prices! In Israel GeForce 8800 GT costs for now 450~470$ Sad
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