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Actor LaBeouf arrested while in Chicago to shoot 'Eagle Eye

Shia LaBeouf was in a Walgreen's store and was arrested and cited a misdemeanor for what?

A guard asked him to leave.... why? There was no reason

Well he was asked to leave a 25 hours Walgreen's store, he didn't damage anything or disturb any other customers so why was he arrested?

Also how can you trespass a public store if it is open 24 hours to the public?

That is all crazy.

OK, no one is really suppose to answer the hypothetically speaking questions. From the article below I don't think he should have been arrested, maybe removed from the premises but not arrested. I just wanted to share it.

Resource :

Actor LaBeouf arrested while in Chicago to shoot 'Eagle Eye'
I live just outside of Chicago and this was all over the news programs. Store people claim he drunk. They asked him to leave. He refused.
But then again who cares?
Who is he?
This is a different kind of topic I came across on frihost, is it really a forum topic or news feedback!! [Razz]

By The Way who are you guys talking about?
He did some Disney sitcom a while back...can't remember the name of it.
@ Aless - The sitcom was named Even Stevens.

This is just pathetic. A store clerk said that he was drunk and the police said that he was polite and cooperative. Hmmmm smells like a brunch of crap to me. Not to mention the fact that they never said why they ask him to leave the store and a charge of trespassing at a 24 hour store, yeah right, loitering maybe but trepassing be for real. Just the media once again having a field day and blowing everyday stuff out of porportion. If his name had been Steve Jones or Bill Adams we never would have even know anything about it.
Wow, I live in Chicago and didn't even hear of it lmao!
I thought you lived in El Paso, Texas, or am I missing something here? Razz
Profile of Shia LaBeouf (ha funny name, spelt funny) for everyone who asked who he was, and couldn't be bothered to search for it

@ everyone who asked - he was in Transformers Rolling Eyes

Anyway, seems to me the pople in the store acted like idiots. They phoned the police thinking they could get their little store on the news, and he was the best way to do that.

Pathetic what some people will do for their five minutes of fame
I agree Razz.

I heard that Shia was really courteous when he was getting out though and seemed pretty sorry for what he had done.
At least they didn't taze him...
i thought this was really weird news because I go to supermarkets at night all the time(24 hour supermarket) and I quite honestly don't even ever remember seeing a security guard there?! Also short of causing damage in the store... I've never seen anyone get asked to leave a store unless they were causing customer problems as in actual harassment type offense because quite frankly I've seen kids running around in the stores more often than any sort of drunk celebrity in a supermarket.

Too bad there isn't a youtube video of what happened? Also didn't any of you watch transformers? btw. he's in the new indiana and jones so you'll definately recognize him soon I think.
Maybe the people at the store didn't like him as an actor.
I think that just because he seemed drunk to them they called the cops. He can't have been trespassing; I don't see how you can trespass on a 24-hr store. Also, they probably disliked him/his acting or they just wanted to be on tv. Your choice.
Simply wow... thats just retarded.
Moving this from General Chat to Movies and Television.
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September 7, 2010
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