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I Dont Know What To Do.. Help!

I love my boyfriend with all my heart but lately i dont know wether to end it or not (even though i have done on many occassions and he's always came back) the problems have been in this last month, i can remember it starting after he cam back from a holiday in spain with just him and his parents. he came back looking happy to see me gave me gifts and we got on great but we wernt gettin on as well as we had been. Then 2 weeks later he went away for the weekend with his best mate i heard off his best mates girlfriend that he had taken 2 girls back to his hotel room but his best mate didnt know if they went in or what becuase he had the key but he left him in the club and left with the girls. he denied anything ever happening even stopped talkin to his mate and begged me to come back so i forgave it. but just this last week is the hardest on a monday i told him he had done my head in and was about to tell him why before he assumed why and drove like a twat down the road. he never rang or texted or even came round on tues, wed or thurs but on friday he turnned up to my mates party he never spoke to me but bought me drinks all night he even stayed at my house but yet still never spoke on the sat we went out to another party i got ignored all night if i went over to talk he would walk away he never came near me once and it was horrible seeing couples huggin and holding hands watching fireworks. in the end i asked what was going on between us and he said u look good and u are good but ya do me head in all the time so i said well let me know whats happening so i can move on and find someone else and he said maybe il never know. he stayed at mine that night aswell but still never spoke to me but i woke up the next morning to him wanting hugs and wanting to touch me not in sexual places just anywhere. then he offered to pick me up from a relatives and when he did he took me to watch fireworks then he went weird and said he felt like going home to sell fireworks. and now its a day later and i havent seen him but i asked him if he was still intrested and he said yeah but he wasnt coming round because he was with his best mate and he was tired. i feel when his best mates around i disapear and when he's not around i reapear. he also doesnt text me no more or when i call he presses reject on his phone i just dont know what to do anymore nothings the same but if i lost him id be heart broken deeply. HELP!
instead of playing mind games and wait for him to listen to you, can you just write him a note and make sure he reads it? if he is not interested in even having the listening ear, PLEASE move on. you deserve me, trust me.
I agree with molif. If he was doesn't show enough intrest in you then just move on. He's not worth your time. If i were treated like that personally i would have dumped him long ago.

Best of luck mate,
Try 2 get d things b/w u 2 clear by talking. If things dont seem 2 go right I think its time to part ways
one question how old are you two? seems like the both of you are to young to be getting into a relationship
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