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I am just curious, I have read a little about Stonehenge and have a question. People tend to think that the druids are responsible for the construction of this historical landmark. (In fact, neo-Druid movements even pay annual hommage to it, I believe.) Evidence, however, suggests that the Druids were active during a different time period than when Stonehenge was built. Who, then, do we believe is responsible for building Stonehenge and for what purpose. I should probably research it a bit at some point in time, but for now I would just like some input. Thanks!

I thought I remember seeing on the science channel that all in the area of the stone hedge a lot of electro-magnetic waves are generated. This can cause some weird things to happen to your mind. Hallucinations and the such, so that could be your reason.
Well, I dont really know who has built Stone Henge... But I was looking around the web and I found a clue about how:

I don't know if this was the way they built it, but well, this is a way to build it.
Problaby this guy doesn't work too much... Wink
I read Stonehenge was built over generations, just like medieval cathedrals.
Haha! That youtube video is rather amusing. I wonder if the ancient peoples had this know-how.
rainmaker wrote:
In fact, neo-Druid movements even pay annual hommage to it, I believe.

You are correct, the OBOD (Order of Bard Ovates and Druids), the largest neo-druidic organization in the world (by membership) does perform summer solstice rituals at Stonehenge. Though I suspect they would be the first to admit that the ancient Druids were not the builders. Their choice of that location is, as I understand it, based more on the idea of ancestor worship (whoever did build it certainly lived there long before you did and so were, in some sense, ancestors) and the astronomically calculated nature of the site.

As regards who built it, far smarter people than I remain hesitant to speculate. There simply isn't enough information to be sure. What is clear is that it underwent several stages of construction, some thousands of years apart (with the first around 3100C being the Aubrey holes). The second saw the adding of the first rock pillars (the blue stones). And eventually the sarsen stones around 1500BC. So it was certainly built by many peoples, not one unified culture.
That is intriguing. I always thought that one specific group was responsible for building Stonehenge. I appreciate the insight!

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