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Biohazard (Resident Evil): Degeneration (CGI Movie)

Biohazard: Degeneration

No official plot yet, but this CG-animated film is said to be an original story based around the Resident Evil universe.


- Scheduled for a release in the latter half of 2008.
- Although based on the movies and games, it's said that this will be an original story.
- Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and game maker Capcom will jointly produce this project.
- The RE games are known as "Biohazard" in its native country of Japan.
- This is a CG animated film that's based on the Resident Evil movies and games.

Snagged from (thanks!)

A (NEW) Resident Evil film - albeit nothing to do with the previous 3 films, but taking a similar path as TMNT.

Looking forward to it? Hell yea!
I like it already.

What can I say, I'm such a fan when it comes to zombies and Umbrella corporation. Very Happy
If Ada is in it, I may watch it Razz
Could be something worth waiting for. Sound promising and I think they can do more if it is an animated film...
I think I will wait for it show up on cable. I have yet to see Extinction. maybe sometime soon when i have some free time.
I'm definitely going to get my hands on this when it comes out, though im not super psyched that its gonna be CGI.
I was a little dubious when I learned it was to be CGI as well, and then I remembered something from the "Outbreak File 1" game.

There is a long opening that you can "buy" - featuring Birkin, the origins of how the virus spread (rats) and Umbrella corps.

I was so impressed at that stunning CGI "short movie" that if they can actually improve that for this film, I'd imagine it was going to rock.


I enjoyed all three Resident Evil movies (especially Extinction) but this has me more excited


I just hope that Wesker, and Krauser feature in the film because Wesker equals (=) GOD! and Krauser was a very impressive antagonist in RE4 (I wanna know his background in more detail)


Edit: Didn't realise I was the original poster, have slept since then.
Is this confirmed? I thought Resident was suppose to be a trilogy movie only. But if this is true then its OK with me. As most video games doesn't really translate that well into live action movies CGI is good for it.
As long as they show us a chick in a red dress, I am up for it
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