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Best friend? or a crush..

I'm sure many of you have been in this situation before, but its kind of new to me, and I'd like some advice. I'm a guy, and I have a friend who is a girl. We verbally call each other "best friends". We hang around so much, most of the times, alone, many times, not alone. She has a boyfriend, who is a friend of mine, but not a close one. All the people who know me, and are around me, think that I'm the one going out with her, and I'm her boyfriend. Everyone talks about it, some people tease us (including her mom), etc. Her boyfriend doesn't seem to mind it. He is absolutely in love with her, and she is (i think) absolutely in love with him. I can't stop thinking about her though, at least, when I'm not around her. When im around her, she is just my best friend, and I dont think of her as anything else. When i'm not around her, she keeps on coming in my mind, and, well, I cant get her out. I dont know what to think of her, and I'm throughly confused. I think I like her, but I dont know if she thinks if she likes me or not. Neither of us is willing to take a step forward (at least, as long as she is with her boyfriend). What do I do?
I dont want to hurt my friend (her boyfriend), so I dont want to ask her. Even then, if I do ask her, she'll be confused, and might be hurt if she considers me only a friend, and I dont want that either. I dont mind supressing my feelings for her (if they are what I think they are, and not just a best friend's feelings), but how many of you would? Mind that she takes relationships very seriously, and many of you might not. So give me a serious opinion please.
Ok this is probably the hardest thing for anyone to do. But just drop it. I have seen this quite a few times. Rarely does it ever work out good when you start going out with a good friend. Thats the bluntest way to say it.

Sorry mate,
sadly, you should move on alright... that is my advice. she might not like you and since she takes relationships seriously, what makes you think she would break up with her boyfriend to be with you?
Thanks guys. I've had this thought before. I guess your right. I just needed to hear it from someone else.
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