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Welcome to Islam Hope!

Islam Hope is a website dedicated to educating everyone about Islam, guiding Muslims along .

Discover Islam - The Fastest Growing Religion in the World!

All praise is due to Allah, Sustainer of the Universe, Who informs us that:

"Those who believe in GOD, and hold fast to Him, He will admit them into mercy from Him, and grace, and will guide them to Him in a straight path."

[Glorious Quran 4:175]

For the millions of years humans have lived, some of them always believe in GOD. Yet some do not, what makes these disbelievers refuse to believe? What makes the believers believe?

Many people have come and gone trying to explain GOD and failing.
Surely something must keep the believers clinging on to truth?

While religions such as Christianity demand blind faith and say: "Don't think, pray". Although this results in high spirituality, it closes off the urge to seek for Truth.

Atheism says: "Don't pray, think". Although this results in a great thirst for knowledge, it closes off spirituality.

Islam says "pray and think". Which is a perfect combination. If Islam disagrees with correct proven science, one tiny bit, then there is instant conflict. Only an All-Knowing Being could create a religion that fits perfectly with science. Islam agrees perfectly with science. See (link dead...mirror will be attempted to be found)

The aim of this website, my brothers and sisters: To find TRUTH. May GOD lead us to truth.

Thank you. May God bless you.
The template is just a slightly modified version of style vantage. Clicking through the links takes you to pages of different style, dead links, and offsite links.

Who is your intended audience here? I ask that question, because it is critical for how you need to write your page.

As it is now, it appears to be a page meant to persuade non-muslims to convert... yet the page itself is overly muslim-centric ... meaning someone not from your background has a hard time reading an understanding it. It makes perfect sense to someone who already has your beliefs and would turn off someone who you are trying to convert.

Does that make sense?

Could you tell us more about who your intended audience is, so that we can better focus your writing style.

As for the site itself, lots of clean-up work ahead. Happy coding!
Hi Buddy,

its great u promoting islam, but jus check out the link is not working.
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