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Display drivers problem

I have an Nvidia GeForce 2 Ultra (yeah, I know), and somewhere down the road I got something uninstalled and now everything is saying my drivers are out of date. So I got to the Nvidia website and download the appropriate drivers, but during install the thing says that there aren't any drivers for it to update. Help?
First, make sure you downloaded the correct driver. If you try to install a driver for the wrong video card, you may see the message you described.

Second, you can uninstall the nVidia driver, restart, and then install the current driver. This should get rid of the message.
i have a problem like this one aswell and my computer has been to many stores and people that work with computers but still remains a mistery to my problem.

first my drivers have vanished completely i put a cd in and it will spin in the disk drive but then stop after about 5 seconds nothing shows up on my screen in fact as far as my computers aware there isnt even disk drives there ive tried downloading mine again but there are only updates i need the actual drivers back i cant even reboot my comp as the disk drives dont even work. so ive learnt that problems with drivers are a ****** to fix. good luck anyway with yours Smile
Second, you can uninstall the nVidia driver, restart, and then install the current driver. This should get rid of the message.

I'll have to try that. I'm pretty sure I'm downloading the correct driver, as I've tried it several different times. I'm wondering if it's just because my card is so old.
First, your have to run backup tool to get a system backup

Which OS you are currently in use and it service pack number ?

What happen if you have after un-installed all drivers completely and restart ? Be it automatically re-installed the build in drivers ?

If the system could do the q2, then, at a command prompt, run the command `sfc /scannow`.
Please prepared a windows xp cd-rom and it service pack files before it.

Now, please try re-install the nvidia driver and please be sure that you are checked the on-online list before do it.
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