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American Gangster

Went to see it yesterday. Loved It.

Has anyone else seen this yet?
I had the opportunity to go see it through a friend that manages a movie theatre, last thursday. I ended up seeing Bee Movie instead, just because it was midnight and we knew American Gangster would've gone on a very long time.

I'm definitely seeing it though, it looks great. I'll probably go tomorrow if I get the opportunity.
When it was first announced, Ridley Scott's film was inevitably called "The Black Godfather." Not really. For one thing, it tells two parallel stories, not one, and it really has to, because without Roberts, there would be no story to tell, and Lucas might still be in business.

But that doesn't save us from a stock female character who is becoming increasingly tiresome in the movies, the wife who wants Roberts to choose between his job and his family. Their obligatory scenes together are recycled from a dozen or a hundred other plots, and although we sympathize with her (will they all be targeted for assassination?), we grow restless during her complaints. Roberts' domestic crisis is not what the movie is about.

This is an engrossing story, told smoothly and well, and Russell Crowe's contribution is enormous (it's not his fault his wife complains). Looking like a care-worn bulldog, his Richie Roberts studies for a law degree, remains inviolate in his ethical standards and just keeps plugging away, building his case.

The film ends not with a "Scarface"-style shootout, but with Frank and Richie sitting down for a long, intelligent conversation, written by Zaillian to show two smart men who both know the score. As I hinted above: less "Godfather" than "Wall Street," although for that matter a movie named "American Gangster" could have been made about Kenneth Lay.
I really like this movie. I heard some mixed reviews from friends, just because they were expecting a really graphic gangster movie. I thought that it was really nicely done. both denzel washington and Russel Crowe did a really good job. I would recommend this movie to anyone.
Ridley Scott's movies most of the time are good. And American Gangster is one example when he can be good, different from his brother Tony, but, equally good in handling the action plus he always put a bit more emphasis on the human story.

But with Denzel, Russel, Brolin, Levine in it, it can only be good....

A good movie indeed.
I thought the ending was a bit rushed. I would have liked to of seen more exchanges with Crowe and Washington. The action was ok and not too unbelievable. The mother portrayed her character well. overall I'd give it an 8 and definitely worth a the ticket price.
The title is very intruiging. I am really interested with this movie to know what is like to be an american ganster. Watching movie is one of my favorite hobbies, in fact i am planning to make/create a page exclusive for movies. anyone interested on my page can help me build it up.
I already wrote a review of this movie, which can be found right here:
It is a pretty good movie. I wish I could speak like him
what's the plot line cause the name makes it sound like a OLD Wild Wild West Shoot 'em up movie
I love Russell Crowe!! But unfortunately I heven't seen the movie yet... But since it's out on DVD that won't take long anymore :d
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